Picture of  Ballot BoxLEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 16, 2012 – I do not find it surprising that 51% of the people polled by Rasmussen between August 8th and 9th expect most reporters to help Obama.  What the poll is saying is that people expect bias in the news.  MSNBC is the far left news organization, FOX is part of the right and does a fair job of reporting the news; but let’s be fair, they cover it from a conservative point of view – and make no apology for it, and neither does MSNBC.

News bias is not far from Lee’s Summit.  Professional news outlets like the Lee’s Summit Journal may argue that they don’t have a bias, but if you look at their stories they do lean somewhat to the liberal side.  The Tribune is a great hometown newspaper, but as hard as they try to remain neutral there is a slight conservative presentation.  The Kansas City Star (owned by the same parent company as the Lee’s Summit Journal) has a strong liberal bias to their news and coverage.

The interesting fact in the Rasmussen report is that 22% of the voters (nearly one fourth) believe that most reporters will try to offer unbiased coverage.  I think the key word is [try].

Let’s take the main races between now and the November 6, 2012 general election.




Governor Jay Nixon Dave Spence
Lt. Governor Susan Montee Peter Kinder
U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill Todd Akin
U.S. Rep District 1 Lucy Clay Robyn Hamlin
U.S. Rep District 2 Glenn Koenen Ann Wagner
U.S. Rep District 3 Eric Mayer Blaine Luetkemeyer
U.S. Rep District 4 Theresa Hensly Vicky Hartzler
U.S. Rep District 5 Emanuel Cleaver II Jacob Turk
U.S. Rep District 6 Kyle Yarber Sam Graves
U.S. Rep District 7 Jim Evans Billy Long
U.S. Rep District 8 Jack Rushin Jo Ann Emerson


If you are in Kansas City you can expect that the Kansas City Star will cover Emanuel Cleaver far more leniently than they will cover Jacob Turk.  That’s just the lean in the Star.  If you know it, you can accept it and move on.

If you are in St. Luis you will very likely see a bias towards Governor Jay Nixon, and away from businessman and challenger Dave Spence.

Then comes the unofficial opinion Bloggers like me – and there are many more than you’d think.  I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Fiscal Conservative.  It is clearly on the masthead so that when you select to read my blog you’re not surprised.

This fall, candidates from both parties will be calling in talk shows, and using their media coordinators to get the word out to the faithful, but also to reach across the aisle and try to being in the moderate middle ground over to their side for a vote.

How will you be looking at the candidates to make up your mind?

  • Are you going to their websites?
  • Are you reading Newspapers?
  • Are you going to a campaign stop and do your own research there?

How are you going to decide how to cast your vote?

If you are looking for news coverage on Gubernatorial Candidate Dave Spense, you’ll have to look long and hard if you only depend on Missouri’s main Newspapers.

If you are looking for news coverage for Jacob Turk on the Kansas City Star you’ll find few and far in between.  You have better luck catching him on Channel 4.

So, If you want to truly find out about the candidates, there are a few quick ways to find out about them:

  • Visit their website
  • Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.
  • Visit their campaign headquarters and talk to the people there, get information from them
  • Search the blogosphere for opinions but keep in mind opinions are not facts, only opinions.

This year in the Presidential Election we’re going to have a stark contrast between President Obama’s liberal policies, and Mitt Romney’s Fiscal Conservative philosophies.  Here in the 5th District we’re going to see the same.

Emanuel Cleaver has voted consistently with the president and approved every budget increase, every expenditure, and every bill that put more difficulties in front of small business, while naming a couple of post offices in the process.

Jacob Turk has run a business of his own.  He understands the needs of the business community, and those who rely on it to have a job.  He has an understanding of what is needed to bring jobs to Kansas City, that Emanuel Cleaver does not (keep in mind the bankruptcy of Mr. Cleaver’s car wash – leaving the price tag to the taxpayers who fund the loan he forfeit).

There are 82 days till the Presidential Election, Vote with knowledge!  Do your homework.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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