Lee’s Summit, November 2, 2010 – Election Day is here and this morning here in Lee’s Summit as well as throughout the Country people are going to the polls to vote for their candidates.  This is a right we take so much for granted that in Missouri the Secretary of State is prediction 52% voter turn out.
In the 5th Congressional District we have a very tight race between Jacob Turk and Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo).  This is Turk’s third campaign and polls show that he’s within the margin of error and can pull the upset.
Jacob Turk
Emanuel Cleaver
  • From the Marines to working, to building a small business he knows how to work hard, and promote business growth.
  • Career Politician for over 30 years, retired pastor with no business experience.
  • Fiscal Responsibility; every tax payer dollar spent should add value to the economy and the tax payer who’s money is being spent.
  • Voted for every tax and spend measure in the last 2 years
  • Constitutionally Limited Government
  • Government has all the answers
  • Tax cuts – both personal and business – produce the environment for consumers to boost the economy through their purchases and businesses to create new jobs. Business owners also need relief from government regulations and the burden of the new health care legislation.
  • Increase taxes and find other new revenue streams to pay for future spending and entitlement programs.
  • Will stop the scam of Cap and Trade, a huge tax on every Missourian who uses electricity.
  • Voted for Cap and Trade – a tax on coal which will kill jobs in the 5th District and Missouri.
  • Repeal Obamacare, Missouri Voters overwhelmingly voted against it.
  • Voted for Obamacare.
  • Free Enterprise is the engine of growth.
  • Voted for all the bailouts that put the government in charge of banks, the auto industry, and student loans.
  • Pro Life
  • Pro Abortion
  • Secure Borders
  • Pro Amnesty
Today is an important day for every citizen of the United States, today is the day we have the opportunity to have our voices heard, and to make our vote count.  Today in the 5th congressional District of Missouri we have a chance to tell Washington that they are there to represent us. 
Emanuel Cleaver ignored 80% of those who called or wrote him asking him not to vote for Obamacare, TARP I, TARP II, and the Bailout and take-over bills.  When the 5th District voted in August, over 63% voted against Obamacare.  Yet Mr. Cleaver chose to ignore the will of his constituents.
You still have time, if you’re reading this you know Jacob Turk is a conservative who will listen to his constituents.  If you have not voted yet, go out and vote.  Tell Washington, Missouri and the 5th congressional district wants to be represented, not ignored.
Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative