CNN Political Ticker “Reliable Sources: The Medias’ Role in Afghanistan” shows the worst bias I’ve read since Bush left office. Not satisfied that the US has a new president CNN has to continue to find a way to wave the white flag of surrender. In the story: “Why were we lied to for all these years? Because it was getting worse every year. From the day of the invasion, we started making mistakes,” Logan said.

It is impossible for CNN to help the country that gave it the foundation to grow and expand throughout the world, it has to join the legions of naysayers and if the news is not sufficiently bad, then go back to the old tried and true method of “…Why were we lied for all these years?” The fact of the matter is that we have thousands of Americans fighting a war to first prevent the development of huge terrorist camps in areas of remote Afghanistan and Pakistan. Areas that have been lawless for decades.

CNN, have you forgotten 9/11?
Associated Press quotes a Militant Pakistani “Taliban stronger than ever”: Then they burry the fact that the top commanders of the Taliban have been removed. The Quitters Mentality continues by showing that “…despite the killing of its top commander and will stage more suicide attacks if the army launches another offensive against it,…” To my interpretation, this is saying, yeah you’ve hurt us, but boy… you better watch out…

Please, there are people who seek to destroy for the sake of destruction. They seek the publicity so quickly provided by CNN and AP and their Quitter Mentality.

The need to aid our enemies from the Main Stream Media has become an ugly point. We continue to see the support by writers of our enemies. Surrender in Afghanistan; which it appears the Media seeks, is the ultimate in emboldening the enemies of civilized society. To allow the terrorists to grow strong again is the wrong approach; and appeasement is the wrong approach. Bullies and thugs never settle for appeasement; they want victory at all cost.

AP / CNN and so many others who write the stories, fear to do their jobs honestly and it is easier to criticize the United States – it is en vogue now – because they must think that they won’t be targeted.

We the American People have to remember that old motto from the days of the revolutionary war; when Americans joined together and rallied behind the motto that applies today as much as it did back then: Don’t Tread On Me.

We’re Americans, not quitters
We’re strong and we believe in America
We are governed, but by those WE elect to govern us.
We are kind.
We are prosperous.
We are generous.
We are patient.

But we are NOT Quitters.

Respectfully submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative