Lees’ Summit – 5/8/2010. The unemployment numbers came out yesterday and the facts are this: Non Farm, Non Census jobs rose by 224,000. The country saw an influx of over 850,000 people entering the workforce, be it from returning or from first entry. The 805,000 new job seekers found 80,000 jobs in the professional services an additional 44,000 found jobs in the manufacturing sector, and another 45,000 went to work in the hotel industry, and 20,000 into the health-care professions the rest are divided among many categories so suffice it to say, that of the 805,000 some 550,000 found jobs, but 255,000 could not find work.

The reality is this, the people entering the job market can easily drive the numbers the wrong way. Each month the economy has to absorb the number of new job seekers, plus put back to work those who lost their jobs. If the economy cannot do that, then laud the effort but make sure you understand we are still in a bad economic period.

President Obama’s handling of the economy is abysmal. Spending is completely out of control, taxes are increasing regardless of the spin he is putting on it, and his laser-like focus on the economy must have traversed some strange prism because since his State of the Union Speech when he declared it here’s what’s happened:

1) Focus on health care
2) Focus on financial institution reform
3) Focus on immigration

Where is the laser-like focus on the economy? The continuation of this laser-like focus away from the economy and trying to spin bad news into good does not work. The fact is that the true unemployment rate is up over 17.1 percent and that’s up from 16.9. Why? Because more people entered and left jobs than found new jobs. Simple, no spin.

As we look forward to November 2, 2010’s mid term elections only one thing matters. The one thing is to truly obtain a laser like focus on the economy and reducing government burdens on small, mid and large businesses so that we can let the economy grow at a faster rate then the workforce.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative