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Author Ian Zainea

Fallacy of Savings

Adobe released their new Creative Cloud 2014 software today, using subscription based service. One of the draws to the software is that there is no large one-time fee associated with it. Rather, as long as you pay, you get the… Continue Reading →

What’s In a Name?

The Washington Redskins have had their trademark revoked. Ironically, this isn’t the first time this has happened, in 1999 the same procedure went through and was overturned years later. However, Senator Harry Reid, seemingly forgetting this, has said “The writing… Continue Reading →

U.S. and Iran May Work Together

Iraq has been at war for most of the past 30 years starting with the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. It is unfortunate, that after a nearly decade long war, Iraq is once again under siege. This time however, Iran… Continue Reading →

Binge Watching TV, Is It Just an Old Trend New Again?

Binge, noun, a short period of time when you do too much of something. On demand TV and especially Netflix have ignited the fuel of binge watching television shows, gone are the days of switching out DVD’s and in are… Continue Reading →

FIFA and the Cost

As the FIFA World Cup is underway in Brazil there have been protests in the streets crying out against the $11 billion spent to bring the event to the country. Eleven billion dollars is a lot for any country to… Continue Reading →

On the Origin of Socialism

After the industrial revolution, the economy of nearly all European countries changed dramatically. The prevailing new system: capitalism. If you are an American reading this, you probably think you know capitalism, but the American economic system is actually a mixed… Continue Reading →

The Desertion in Iraq: An Interview with a Soldier

Today, parts of Iraq are under siege. The attackers are a group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The group originated in Iraq in 2011, according to The Economist, and has since appended Syria to its name… Continue Reading →

Reaching Out for the Stars

  In recent years, NASA, has ramped up deep space exploration. Granted, we haven’t been sending people out into the far flung reaches of space, but we have been looking, watching, and waiting. Missions like Kepler, Opportunity, and Hyugens have… Continue Reading →

The Fate of Film: Could It Be Like Vinyl?

Vinyl. Audiophiles all over the world claim that vinyl records have a superior sound: richer, fuller, and warmer. Vinyl was the medium of sound for decades. From the birth of recorded music up until magnetic tape was invented. Even after… Continue Reading →

Upholding the Second Amendment

The system of gun control is broken and needs to be demolished and rewritten. Violence has only risen as the hordes march to buy their weapons with reckless abandon, and the politicians in Washington continue to threaten people‚Äôs right to… Continue Reading →

Privatizing Space Flight

History is being made on the final frontier. Space tourism is becoming a reality, competitors are preparing their lunar rovers, and private companies are expanding into space. People have paid $30 million to get a ride into space. That changes… Continue Reading →

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