Brad Lager Announces Official Filing For Missouri Lieutenant Governor

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Brad Lager Announces for Lieutenant Governor

By Brad Lager

Savannah, Missouri, March 1, 2012 – I would like to share with you that I have officially filed to run for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Missouri. I humbly ask for your support as I campaign across our great state.

I am a husband and a father. I’m a small business owner and a farmer. I started and continue to be involved in a small business. Like so many other regular Missourians, every day I, along with my wife, work in the real world to earn a living and make a better future for our children. This experience has allowed me to understand the frustration that real people have with our broken government. Because of my experience in the business community, I can relate to people when they tell me that they want government to get out of their way so they can have the freedom to succeed on their own. As a State Senator, I have fought for common sense solutions, and made tough choices out of principle rather than going along to get along. Career politicians have lost touch with families across Missouri. People from across the state have encouraged me to run for Lt. Governor and help to bring real life solutions back to Jefferson City. In order to do this, we need new leadership and fresh ideas in our state capitol. I will do just this and challenge the status quo as I fight for families across Missouri.

I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support that I am getting every day as I set out to win this race for Lieutenant Governor. I promise to run a strong and honorable campaign and look forward to hearing from more hard-working Missourians as I make my way around our great state.



Brad Lager



For more information on Senator Lager’s campaign, please visit: or Text 46786 to receive campaign updates.

One response to Brad Lager Announces Official Filing For Missouri Lieutenant Governor

  1. Chad Carter March 4th, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Today, Lt. Governor candidate Mike Carter is driving down to Jefferson City, Missouri along with all of the other first-day filers across the state.

    “I really like the drive. Having traveled back and forth between Mizzou and St. Louis for four years, sort of makes today’s trip like visiting an old friend. I always stop by the law school in Columbia and take a walk around inside. Plus, I worked for the AG’s office and Senator Carnahan in Jefferson City for a while so it’s just another day. In fact I have a meeting with Attorney General Chris Koster’s office attorneys today as well.”

    Carter’s says his flexible hours as a lawyer and Senior Lecturer for the University of Missouri make it relatively uneventful to take the necessary office-filing jaunt to Jefferson City. His schedule’s flexibility is what will enable him to easily tackle the part-time job of Missouri Lieutenant Governor. He pledges to keep his full time job as an attorney and treat the Lt. Governor’s office for what everyone knows it is, a part-time job. The late Senator Thomas Eagleton, while serving as Lt. Governor, noted that the busiest part of his day was watching the Missouri River flow by his office window.

    Carter noted that he was really unsure which primary to file for, “after all, I’m an independent, but Missouri’s political parties have made it so terribly difficult to get on the ballot with an “I” that there is virtually no choice but to file as Democrat or Republican. I won about 17% of the Democratic primary vote in 2008 by simply making a few million computerized phone calls and nothing more, why wouldn’t I build on that this time,” asked Carter.

    He noted that the apparent all-woman Democratic primary ballot is calling out for a male contender. “No matter how you analyze it, a clearly male-gender name will automatically garner some support, just the same as when only one woman enters a male-dominated race,” said Carter. However, Carter says his Ross-Perot/Ron-Paul followings over the last several decades coupled with Ron Paul’s successes this year are keeping him in the Republican primary for 2012.

    Carter says that all elections should be non-partisan, much like the many mayoral and judicial elections held throughout Missouri every year. He says that he intends to research and find out how it is that “R’s” and “D’s” came to dominate Missouri’s voting ballots and do all that he can to reverse it. “It’s just not right to demean voters and force them to pick between two stereotypical block groups, plus it gives way too much unnecessary power to party power brokers.”

    Carter is an Independent-minded candidate who has cast votes for Ross Perot and Ron Paul. He is a former judge, real estate attorney, Senior Lecturer for the University of Missouri, corporate counsel, and Director at the St. Louis Board of REALTORS. He supports Ron-Paul politics, advocating smaller government, abolishment of irresponsible spending, and a ban on unnecessary governmental intrusion into the private lives of citizens