Greenwood, June 27, 2010 – Paul and Brenda Weber of Greenwood hosted a breakfast Saturday morning with Missouri’s District 8 Senatorial Candidate Will Kraus.  A nice group of people showed up and the discussion was lively but focused on the issues at hand.  One thing that comes across very quickly is where Will Kraus stands on the issues and what his belief is about taxes.  He stated “I never forget we are spending taxpayers money” when asked about the budget.

The foundation of the candidate’s belief is based on what he told one of the guests, “I’m a fiscal conservative”.  When you review his voting record you see that the words are matched by the votes he’s made since becoming Missouri’s District 48 Representative in 2004.

The one striking point that was made during a conversation on the Ford Claycomo plant and Missouri’s effort to keep the jobs here in Kansas City was made when Representative Kraus stated “…while I voted no [for the bill] I will keep an open mind and listen to the new facts and the data being presented before I decide…”  There is a difference between the Moderate perspectives shown by Senator McCain during his career (what I term a “fence sitter” perspective) and the position Representative Kraus explained.  Read More >>