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Old Faithful and Memorial Day

Pleasant Hill, May 26, 2018 – Welcome to the new look of the Lee’s Summit Conservative.  In the last 10 years of this blog, I have spoken too often about the politics of our country and how it is not… Continue Reading →


LEE’S SUMMIT, JULY 17, 2017 – To address this issue about Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, or Donald Trump Junior’s collusion or better said conspiracy with Russia, I first searched Wikipedia and found these links: Proving a negative or negative… Continue Reading →


LEE’S SUMMIT, JULY 13, 2017 – In almost 7 months of the presidency of Donald J. Trump the most common word in a headline has to be: Russia.  I say this because when I do a Google search using TRUMP… Continue Reading →

An American Speaks Out, Dion Alexander

LEES SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 16, 2016 – The YouTube video from Dion Alexander deserves to be broadcast far and wide.  His effort to share his opinion is worth passing on. What I hear, loud and clear in his message is this:… Continue Reading →

EpiPen – Unchallenged Greed and Government Intervention

LEE’S SUMMIT, SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 – EpiPen, Mylan, Heather Bresch, all terms that have become part of the public vernacular and are blamed on Capitalist Corporate Greed:  What is missed is that one company’s greed is checked by their competitor’s… Continue Reading →

The Onslaught Continues, facts are so inconvenient

LEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 11, 2016 – I’m constantly amazed at how little I’ve come to trust the media.  It is getting to the point, perhaps in the not too distant future, where we only trust the weather guy and the… Continue Reading →

Freedom of Speech Takes a Blow

LEE’S SUMMIT, DECEMBER 17, 2014 – MSNBC announced today that Sony pulls ‘The Interview’ from theaters amid security concerns. Unstated is that Freedom of Speech takes a beating. Defending the right to free speech is easy when all it takes… Continue Reading →

Cleaver’s Wages Garnished by Jackson County Court

LEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 20, 2014 – Interestingly few media sites covered the story back on February 18, 2014 of this year. The lead in the few that did cover it is as follows: “The Jackson County court clerk issued a… Continue Reading →

Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO5) speaks to Fox4 News in Kansas City

LEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 17, 2014 – Ferguson Missouri continues to deal with the aftermath of the August 9th Shooting of Mr. Michael Brown, eighteen years old at the time. Representative Cleaver made several statements to the Fox4KC per their website…. Continue Reading →

Life Long Fight Against Depression Takes Learning and Courage

AUGUST 14, 2014 LEE’S SUMMIT – Living takes courage and it takes the ability to learn every day and apply your learning. This week two people we all at least heard of had their lives come to an end: One… Continue Reading →

Tuesday Night’s Primaries

Lee’s Summit, June 25, 2014 – The Tea Party and the Republican Party squared off in the June 24th run-off between incumbent Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran and Challenger Chris McDaniel. The result – according to the headlines – a sound… Continue Reading →

Fallacy of Savings

Adobe released their new Creative Cloud 2014 software today, using subscription based service. One of the draws to the software is that there is no large one-time fee associated with it. Rather, as long as you pay, you get the… Continue Reading →

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