Schematic of Chinese Space Station Tiangong 1

Photo from Space Daily Article

LEE’S SUMMIT, October 26, 2011 – China is getting ready to launch the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in early November.  This is the next step in China’s development of their space capability – learning how to dock in space.  America is still in the background in the current space race – I don’t think we truly know that we’re in the race yet.

NASA has wonderful plans, but without sufficient funding none of the grand plans will take flight.  The good news – and this was funny to me so I thought I’d share it – during their launch in September (story here) of the Tiangong-1 spacecraft Chinese citizens were treated to a beautifully melodic version of America the Beautiful.  Ah, what homage to the country that made it possible for China’s surge into space to take place.

Who can forget those wonderful years when Bill Clinton’s White House authorized the sale of critical technology needed to provide guidance in space with sufficient precision to track down another capsule and dock with it?

Well, it is obvious that the Chinese are classy recipients of good technology, making sure that their premier Space Station’s animation has America the Beautiful in the background as a way to thank Bill Clinton all of America’s scientists for contributing to the success [however minor a role it may have been] of the Chinese Space program.

Maybe they can get their launch vehicles up in time to help us resupply the International Space Station before we have to abandon it, de-orbit it, and watch its majestic fall from the heavens into lowly ole earth and hopefully into the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s the animation.  Turn up the volume and listen to America the Beautiful as played on Chinese National television.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

Reference Story:  The Guardian