Who will you vote for?
Lee’s Summit, October 28, 2010 – On the heels of the Nevada’s “Food for Votes” claim in the Las Vegas Sun (October 26, 2010) we find that it’s not just in Nevada that someone is trading goods for votes.  Here, in Kansas City, Robin Carnahan is throwing a belated birthday party for Emanuel Cleaver.
Chris Stigall, of KCMO 710 Talk Radio reported this morning on his talk show that Robin Carnahan’s and Emanuel Cleaver’s campaign ad is offering a concert featuring Peaches and Herb, Evelyn Champagne King, and the Chi-Lites.  The price of admission: “…your voter registration card”
This got me thinking all day long.  What happened to the privilege of voting that it is now for sale?  How can Robin Carnahan, the current Secretary of State for Missouri promote such an event.  There is a conflict of interest a mile wide and ten miles deep.
Let’s compare the two candidates for the 5th Congressional District in Missouri: Jacob Turk the conservative running as a republican and Emanuel Cleaver the Democrat who has chosen not to listen to his constituents.
I believe that both men are earnest in their belief of how government should work for the people.  Yet there is a sharp contrast between the two men.  These differences need to be taken into consideration on November 2nd when you cast your ballot.
Emanuel Cleaver believes that government is the solution to any problem.  He did not trust the entrepreneurial spirit in America to resolve the 2008 crisis, so he voted for TARP, and TARP II.  He voted for the GM and Chrysler bailout.  He voted for the Incentive programs that sunk billions of dollars into the economy with little or no result.  He voted for the Health Care bill.  All of these he has publicly admitted were against 80% of his constituents.
His votes have helped increase the national debt to nearly 80% of GDP.  Can we afford this?
What has Emanuel Cleaver brought to the 5th District? 
The expensive and no “real” job generating Green Zone.  He has renamed and named Post Offices. But, he has not brought jobs to the 5th district and is now very much against extending the current tax rates; while claiming that he’s doing it to prevent the rich from getting the biggest tax breaks.  Yet, the lowest income bracket is going to climb from 10% to 15% (that’s a 50% increase to the people who can afford it the least.)  His answer is that the “Republicans” won’t allow the bill to move forward if the rich are not included. Yet he is part of the majority party in Congress.  Why are we supposed to believe that the Republicans can stop anything?
The fact is, that a large section of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives realized that this was a bad idea, and they wanted to have a vote on the measure so that it could be extended.  Yet to date, Emanuel Cleaver has not come out for the extension of the current tax rates.
To me based on his voting record, Emanuel Cleaver, is more interested in government getting more of our tax money, he is interested in bigger and more intrusive government, and has proven that he is not willing to listen to his constituents.
What does Jacob Turk stand for?
He stands for, as Lincoln so aptly put it “Government of the people, by the people and for the people” where Government refrains from entering into anything that it is not given the right to enter by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Smaller government will leave more money in the pockets of entrepreneurs who will create jobs and move us away from this recession. 
When Obama asks “where did the jobs go?” Turk has the answer: to the government.  Jobs that create wealth are not in the government sector, they are in the private sector.  The jobs we need in the 5th district are those that will be created by mom and pop with a great idea, the sweat off their brow, and the optimism of an entrepreneur. 
Jacob Turk stands for the right of Americans to define their own destiny by their hard work.  He knows, as he told me in an interview recently, that the Free Enterprise system is the engine of job growth in America, and that the government chokes that by the ever increasing demand for more taxes to pay for all the government programs that spend our money for us.
Turk has sat down with Middle America and has heard our plea for small, reasonable and constitutionally constrained government.  He has fought a tough campaign over three election cycles.  He has learned how to get the word out.  He has learned to listen fully and to represent his constituents to Washington, not Washington to his constituents.
Listening to his radio campaign ad it is clear what he stands for.  He is the average American who answers a calling to serve the people, not gain from them.  His message resonates throughout the fifth district with the inner city, with low income families, the middle class, and small business owners.  Not because of his rhetoric, but because his ideas are founded in our own grass roots.  His campaign is succeeding because it comes from all of the 5th district, not the special interest nor the large government institutions.
The Carnahan / Cleaver effort to get you to go out and vote by giving you a $95 value concert is not a proper response to the need to get people out to vote.  The only reason they can have for doing this is that they fear that the relatively unknown Jacob Turk is dangerously close to leading this race.
On November 2nd you have a clear choice.  If you believe that government knows best, the vote for Cleaver.  If you believe that you know best about your life, your job and your own pursuit of happiness, then Turk is the representative for you.
Whichever way you vote, the most precious of rights and responsibilities you have is that of the vote.  Make sure you come out on November 2nd and vote.
Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative