PLEASANT HILL, OCTOBER 20, 2018 – In Blue Springs newspaper The Examiner, candidate Cleaver expressed, “concerns about the increasing cost of living in the district. He called a lack of affordable housing ‘a major crisis,’ contending that the minimum price of building a house now stands at an estimated $200,000.” He further states, “these problems have been intensified by what he perceives as an imbalance of power between the executive branch and other branches of government”

My question to candidate Cleaver is:  What specific actions has he taken over his career in Washington DC to bring jobs to Kansas City, to Blue Springs, to Lee’s Summit?  He assumed office on January 3, 2005, over thirteen years ago. 

US House Representative, for the 5th District in Missouri, cannot claim to be a victim of the political situation in Washington, he is a senior member of the Washington Political Establishment.  He is part of the polarization that he complains about in Washington.  So, again, my question to the now Candidate Emanuel Cleaver II is:  What has he specifically done to improve the economy.  He has only one (1) bill that he sponsored HR3572 that passed and became law.  This is a 2007-2008 accomplishment. 

Representative Cleaver has introduced 118 bills, only 7 reached Floor Consideration, and passed through the House of Representatives, only one passed both chambers and that’s the one that became law.

Why is Mr. Cleaver in Washington?

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative