Picture of Emanuel Cleaver

Representative Emanuel Cleaver II (MO-5)

LEE’S SUMMIT, SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 – The focus of the Rally, according to their website, is that Homeownership provides stability, peace of mind, and long term security.  It strengthens the economy and local businesses, creates jobs and provides much-needed tax revenue for state and local governments.   It goes on to say that some policy makers are threatening to impose more stringent requirements on borrowers.  Their main concern is that these attacks – as they call them – on homeownership threaten to devalue our homes, harm our communities and their businesses, and further weaken the nation’s fragile economy.

They want us to tell our Elected Officials that:

  • Homeownership is important to families and communities
  • Credit-worthy families and small businesses need mortgages and loans
  • We need to protect the mortgage interest deduction
  • We need policies that will help resolve the foreclosure crisis

This is truly a scary gathering.  It echoes of the pre 2008 days of easy credit, borrowing more than the home is worth, and the now infamous statement that “…people who own homes are the safest borrowers…”: Proven in 2008 to be wishful thinking and completely untrue.

Emanuel Cleaver has been a member of the House Committee on Financial Services since 2005.  The year in which Barney Frank said that “…I see nothing in here that addresses a safety and soundness issue…” speaking of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  At the same hearing Maxine Waters (D-CA) praised Freddie and Fannie for “…exceeding their housing goals…” unfortunately with loans to those who were incapable of paying them off.

Representative Cleaver has been a member of the Financial Services Committee with Barney Frank and Maxine Waters.  He accepted and proclaimed that there was no problem with the housing bubble. He, by his inaction at best, or lack of understanding of the financial system at worse allowed it to continue to build.  He called it “…a crisis of confidence… the sky is not falling, fear is rising…” and yet only two months later the housing bubble burst, and Emanuel Cleaver was proven absolutely wrong.


Mr. Cleaver is a well-intentioned man, without any business experience and has no idea what it takes to help constituents buy homes, pay mortgages, and make ends meet.  His answer is Government handouts.

Jacob Turk understands business – he ran a successful one for years.  Jacob Turk knows how to create jobs in the private sector.  Jacob Turk will work to bring private sector jobs into Kansas City and the Fifth District, that will allow people to become home owners because they earned their credit.

He will work to improve the lives of those of us in the 5th District by getting government out of the way, letting the economy grown, and provide the self-sustaining private sector jobs that Emanuel Cleaver has not brought to Kansas City, the 5th District or Missouri.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative