Picture of Lena Dunham Obama ad jumps the sharkLEE’S SUMMIT, OCTOBER 26, 2012 – In the 70’s and 80’s there was a great television show called Happy Days where the Fonz (Arthur Fonzerely) jumped a shark tank (more like an above ground pool) on his motorcycle – for those of us who loved that show, that episode marked the end of the show; though it struggled on for a while afterwards.

The Obama campaign, get out the vote effort,  used Lena Dunham in a blatant attempt to appeal to young voters on their first opportunity to vote in a Presidential Election.  The blogosphere is full of people pointing out how it tries to compare the first vote with the first sexual experience.  I’ll leave to others to speak of the moral values associated with that side of the campaign ad.


When I watched the video my very first impression was: They jumped the shark!  Dear God, how bad are things really for the Obama Campaign?

I trust that there are first time voters that will go with “the cool guy”.  That’s no different today than it was back in the 70’s.  I trust that there are some first time voters who will not vote.  That too is not different for young adults than it is for the rest of the population.  I also trust that there is a group within the young adult’s that will actually look at the election for what it is: An opportunity to exercise our civil duty.

How do I look at the Presidential Election (Remember, I’m a Fiscal Conservative):

  1. Can I trust this candidate to tell me the truth when it is very ugly?
  2. Can I trust this candidate to keep his cool during a high pressure situation?  How do I know this?
  3. Is this candidate going to increase Government influence in my personal life?
  4. Is this candidate a leader that will work with everyone and lead by example, not command?
  5. Does this candidate offer a reasonable plan to get more jobs into the economy?
  6. Can I reasonably expect this candidate to stop all the regulations that are choking off business growth?

I also look at issues like the military and foreign policy but those fall way back in the order of priority.  No one – short of George Bush the elder – has had true foreign policy experience; so they can learn on the job.  The social issues fall way back in the order of priority for me because if you can provide good employment for people they can provide and decide for themselves

Perhaps such a campaign ad truly works with young people – but I’d like to give them more credit than that.  It speaks of desperation to me.

But: Hey, it got me to include it in my blog and now even more people are going to see it and talk about it.

Could that have been their plan?!?


Respectfully Submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative