Picture of Jacob Turk at South Kansas City Chamber Candidate Forum

Jacob Turk, candidate for MO-5th Congressional District, speaks at the South Kansas City Camber’s Candidate Forum – the empty seat behind him was for Cleaver who was a No Show

Lee’s Summit, September 20, 2011 – On Tuesday there was empty chair at the table.  The name plate “Cleaver”.  The occasion, the Clay County Economic Development Board’s Business Forum, where Emanuel Cleaver II (D-MO) was invited to discuss his Economic Development support: Cleaver did not attend, did not answer questions, and did not send anyone to speak on his behalf.

I very much appreciated the opportunity given by the Clay County Economic Development Council” said Jacob Turk, a businessman who owned his business for 12 years and is now running for Missouri’s 5th Congressional seat “it gave us a chance to speak and then answer questions from concerned businesspeople about solutions to our economic woes.  Emanuel Cleaver continues to avoid such conversations.”

Today at the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum, Cleaver’s chair stood empty; and the public’s questions went unanswered: Eight of the nine candidates for local representation at various levels of government found the time – Emanuel Cleaver did not. Though Congress was in session Cleaver did not even send a representative from his office.

Twice in two days, and in two different communities Cleaver had no time for businessman and voters.

Candidates for Congress need to let their constituents know where they stand on key issues of the economy.  Cleaver continues to avoid an open discussion about business and will not appear in any environment where his opinions and legislative record can be brought into contrast with his challenger.

Cleaver’s pending bankruptcy, court case, and legislative insider information and influence may find a harsh contrast against an entrepreneur and businessman like Turk.  If this election is about anything, it is about the economy and jobs in the 5th District and the rest of Missouri.

Candidates at the South Kansas City Chamber Candidate Forum

Candidates from both sides joined the South Kansas City Chamber’s Candidate Forum to express their views, and to answer questions from the voters

Candidate forums and debates are the best way for the electorate to know where each candidate stands on the key issues.  When asked where he stood on debating Cleaver; Turk said “Cleaver continues to avoid the toughest opponent he has ever faced. It is time for him to debate with me so we both can present and defend our VERY differing points of view on solutions to our ailing economy, troubling fiscal house and finally bringing honor and integrity to the halls of Congress.

This session, Cleaver has a ‘0’ rating from the National Association of Independent Businesses, a 19% rating from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a 16% rating from the National Association of Manufacturers. It is time for Cleaver to defend his economic record.

Elections are about people making informed decisions, and the voters of the 5th District have a strong interest in electing the person who will help bring jobs, and allow growth in our district.

About Jacob Turk

Jacob Turk is the Pro Jobs Candidate for the 5th Congressional District Missouri. Turk for Congress has recruited thousands of volunteers and earned hundreds of individual contributors as the campaign does not accept PAC money. Turk, a Marine veteran, former small business owner and single parent for over 10 years before marrying his wife Donna, has lived in the 5th Congressional District for close to 30 years. He resides with Donna in Lee’s Summit. http://www.turkforcongress.com