Lee’s Summit, October 19, 2010 – The Turk campaign shows that even in a heavily democratic district like this, the voice of reason still holds the winning hand.
Since 2008 I’ve been focused on the 5th Congressional District because I live here and the decisions made by Emanuel Cleaver, the current U.S. Representative impact us directly.  What is the job of a congressman?  They are hired by us every two years as mandated by the Constitution which gives them specific responsibilities and powers.  But to you and to me what are they supposed to do?
A congressman is clearly supposed to listen to the constituents and govern with their intent in mind.
A congressman is to fight to ensure fairness in the business environment.
They are supposed to ensure that there are fair laws that do not take away those rights granted to us through the Bill of Rights.
They are to work to make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and frugally.
It is also their responsibility to allow entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by making sure that they are all playing on a level field, where jobs can be created, so that we can bring home the bacon so-to-speak.
How has Congressman Cleaver done in the last two years in office?
He has brought grant money for the “green zone” that has created zero sustainable jobs.  He has voted to spend money through TARP I, TARP II, and each of the stimulus bills.  Has that helped Kansas City and the 5th District? 
No, I don’t think so.  Look at the unemployment rate in the district nearly 9 percent, and Kansas City alone lost another 1,400 jobs between August and September of this year.  Where is the benefit of the trillions of dollars spent on those programs alone?  Money that was recently reported going to dead and imprisoned people.  That is too much money thrown around needlessly.
Emanuel Cleaver knows well what the impact of Cap & Trade will be on Missouri and Kansas City.  Have you driven north on the east side of town on I-435?  Have you seen the coal fired electric generation plant we have here in Kansas City?  Do you think KCP&L will simply absorb the cost of the punishing taxes that come with Cap & Trade?  Representative Cleaver does not have to look far to see the direct negative impact Cap & Trade will have in the Kansas City economy. 
Higher utility costs will make the Ford Claycomo plant re-think the value of the tax relief Missouri just gave it to keep the lines running in Missouri.  This is not a simple matter of “forcing the American consumer by hitting them in their wallets.”  This is a direct attack on the jobs that are left in the area.  Has Emanuel Cleaver brought a single sustainable job to the inner city he represents?  Yet, he is not hesitant to vote for Cap & Trade and do further damage to the economy of Kansas City.
Our current Congressman has voiced his pro gay marriage and pro abortion stand.  I have no quarrel with his personal convictions.  He should follow his heart and mind.  Yet, I have to ask one question; how many jobs will it create?  Is this the time to focus his efforts in that area?  Or, are we better served by a congressman who focuses on getting jobs, reducing tax burden, giving businessman the confidence of “knowing” what is coming their way next year?
Kansas City needs jobs, not new taxes and more spending on bills that are not positively impacting our economy.  It is time that Mr. Cleaver understands that he cannot continue to be our representative, if he won’t represent us.
There is a reason why the Turk campaign is gaining momentum.  He speaks about jobs, about reducing tax burdens, about reducing spending, and about focusing on the district so he can represent the 5th district to Washington.  Emanuel Cleaver has been representing Washington DC to us for too long.  That is not what we hired him for.
Jacob Turk is now only 9 points behind Cleaver in the latest Rasmussen Pulse Opinion Poll.  The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.  That means the total error is 8 percent and Cleaver is only 9 percent ahead.  Is it possible that in this Democratic district the incumbent only has a 1 point lead with two weeks to go?
At a time when we need leadership in Washington that will fight the status quo, Cleaver fights for keeping things the same, putting his faith in “hope and change”.  Yet when we look at what he has done in Congress, we find that his greatest legislative accomplishment is to “co-sponsor” bills, and to get a couple of Post Offices named for someone.  Is that why we are paying his salary with our tax dollars: to name post offices?
A vote for Emanuel Cleaver is a vote for someone that has proven he won’t listen to his constituents.
A vote for Jacob Turk is a vote for a fiscal conservative who has business experience and knows exactly what affects the economy.  He won’t be wondering why the jobs are not here, as Cleaver, Pelosi, Reid and Obama keep asking.
Are you being listened to?  If not, do something about it!
Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative