Houston Texas, April 26, 2012 – Caution,  mad cows are on the loose! Kids with cerebral palsy pose an eminent risk to society!  Farmers don’t care about their kids. And the end of the world is coming in Dec. and might be able to prove it.  What do all these things have in common?  An overbearing, market manipulating government that has lulled us into believing we are somehow safer today than we were yesterday.

You probably heard about the dead cow that supposedly tested positive for spongiform encephalopathy (aka Mad Cow).  You probably felt relieved at first.  Thankful that our USDA was hard at work to protect us.  Now ask yourself, why release the info now?  It’s a relatively minor thing.  No seriously, it really is.  There are no trends or outbreaks so far.  No people infected.

Well wait, they did find it in California so it might be awhile before we know that.

The secret no one is letting out is that it seems that the longer a bovine lives the greater chance of contracting or likelihood of getting this disease naturally is.  It seems ironic that they release the info now with so many months left until election and the summer grilling season just upon us.  Don’t believe me, well there is a form of the disease that is common in sheep but no one gets alarmed when they find it in them.  Enjoy your mutton tonight.  So why release it?  Just a theory but maybe its to create artificial hysteria by this administration.  Really could it be as simple as, trying to manipulate the market to drive down beef prices?  Have you seen the price of beef lately?  Inflation is out of control at the super market  and some artificial hysteria to drive the prices down might just do the trick.  Feel safer?

You probably heard about the child with cerebral palsy that supposedly posed a risk to society (actually just a few people at the gate and really I dare anyone to tell me any 4 yr old poses any kind of risk) when apparently he needed be patted down by our fine TSA agents.  Really?  In fact I don’t think they gave up either until they proved their point by making the family miss their flight.  I am sure that all reasoning and tact went out the window during this event on both sides.  I mean who can blame a passenger trying to get a 4 yr old around airport these days.  Do you feel safer or just manipulated (figuratively and literally)?

How lucky some kids are today!  This administration wants kids in the US to no longer have to do chores to prevent adolescent injuries and us adults can do nothing about it.  It’s all the farmers faults too.  If they had not worked their kids so hard, way back when we would all still enjoy telling our kids to clean the toilets and scrub the floors, mow the lawn, trim the trees.  Don’t think it won’t apply to chores….I’d bet against that.  I can see an ingenious kid calling the cops to tell how his parents are abusing him by making him mow the lawn, dig a hole etc.  Feel safer now?

Finally, I have very dear friend.  He’s seems very worried.  Sometimes I wonder if he hasn’t run off and bought a former ICBM silo for the end of the world.   His latest worry?  That our Government, and FEMA in particular is developing an army to control us all.  His proof?  They just bought 400 million, yes MILLION rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.  His supporting proof, a follow on order to a manufacturer for bullet proof semi portable guard houses.  Ok ok, its sound really far-fetched, right?  That is exactly what this administration wants.  It wants to label normal people like you and me as wacko’s for thinking that this behavior on the part of our government is…well odd or disconcerting or even evil.

Here is a different take.  What if this administration, who we already detailed likes to manipulate things, realized, that just like in GM and healthcare that they can purposely manipulate a  market to meet an outcome?  So with gun prices at an all time high and ammo just the same, what would a 400 million round order do to the gun/ammo supply chain?  Could it be that the government, who may very well be the largest purchaser of ammo in the world, and this particular administration has determined that it can place a large enough order to cause a collapse in the gun and ammo market?  Bottom line, if you drive up the supply chain costs it will have to drive up costs to the customers.  This will be good for the public gun makers stock price but what happens when the orders stop or if some reasonable person in the Senate stops the order from being completed?  The company that got the order, either way, might just fold due to all the investment it made and the lack of orders. Its sort of like cigarettes, if you make the ammo so expensive that no one can afford to shoot, the gun prices will collapse and you can write off a few more gun makers.  Think of it as just another way to subvert the 2nd amendment, but legally.

Maybe the world will end in December and FEMA needs at least 400 million rounds to kill or control 350 million of us because they under-counted those here illegally, but I have a feeling that like cigarettes this Administration really just wants to subvert the 2nd amendment and make any conservative look like a far right zealot and anti government whack job.

Four different agencies, all out trying to make you safer.  I bet you feel safer now.

Brian Begshaw