Picture of the American Flag in Cairo being ripped by ProtestersLEE’S SUMMIT, SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 – Middle East unrest, conflicting messages, apologies, allies who aren’t then are again but maybe not, and the death of Americans serving their country all just one weak after the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina: the bounce gone, and perhaps even the pride and respect of America with it.

Obama tells Telemundo that we don’t consider Egypt an ally, and we don’t consider them an enemy.  The White House and the State Department tried their best to put a “legal” connotation to the comment, but the reality is that the message was clear: President Obama – thus the Administration – does not consider a 40 year important ally in the region as a current ally.

The State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, and the President put Jay Carney, President Obama’s Press Secretary in a terrible position – one he is well paid for but perhaps one he did not enjoy this week.  He had to work his way around the nine hour lack of action between the statement that blames a YouTube Video for the current unrest in the Middle East, he had to try to explain – and has not so far – how having 48-hour advanced warning of the protests the President or the State Department did not put the Embassies on High Alert, and he continues to apologize for America to the world.

The Obama Administration and the United States of America look week in a region of the world that weakness is met with aggression.  Jimmy Carter learned that lesson in 1979, but Barrack Obama must have skipped that history lesson, or believed that appeasement practiced by Obama is better than appeasement practiced by anyone else since Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter.

Reagan, on his first day in office saw the release of the Hostages from Iran, saw the Berlin wall come down, and the Soviet Union put on the final course to utter collapse – not by appeasement, but from strength.

Mitt Romney had it right when he called out the President for improperly handling this situation.  It is inconceivable to me that a President of the United States and his Secretary of State would first apologize for a video inciting a mob to damage the U.S Embassy, and then – upon the death of for Americans in Benghazi Libya – apologize again and try to distance this country from the video.  After the apology came the statements that we would not tolerate the violence.

Obama attacked Romney for making this political.  What about Obama continuing his campaigning while the country’s Embassies are under attack – is that not political?  A President needs to be President first and then campaign; Mr. Obama truly got it wrong and he went on the attack of Mitt Romney instead of saving his harsh words for the Terrorists who killed the Ambassador and 3 others.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative