Reported by Lisa Rayam of Fox 5 in Atlanta Georgia, Mitt Romney spend Friday campaigning for Saxby Chambliss in a race that is within the margin of error of the poles. While some articles I’ve read have the Democrat Jim Martin almost too far behind, the fact of the matter is that with early voting and all the economic turmoil, this race is a toss up.

Add to it that Ted Stevens, the incumbent and indicted Senator from Alaska has been defeated, and that only 100 votes separate Franken and Coleman in Minnesota’s recount as of Friday night, the entire balance of power in the US Senate rests with Chambliss.

Earlier in the week Mike Huckabee, who won the Georgia Republican Primary spoke during the “Fair Tax” Rally. Another big hitter coming to push for a Chambliss win is Rudy Giuliani next week.

Don’t fear, Martin has Bill Clinton and Al Gore plus the entire Obama Ohio Campaign team to get the vote out for him.

This is a tight race. Keep an close eye on it!

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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