LEE’S SUMMIT, SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 – In this day and age of YouTube and smart phones with video capability politicians truly have it tough.  Governor Jay Nixon speaking to a crowd had this to say about the Missouri Assembly:

OK, that was cute!

I hate to think of Senators and Congressman at the Missouri Assembly as sitting in the cheap seats.  I only started getting involved in politics in my late 40’s – till then I kept it to myself – and the first politician I met was a very young, fiscal conservative by the name of Will Kraus who was young man running for his first term in office.  He managed from only a 30 minute conversation to remember me.  Now he is the Senator for the 8th District in Missouri.  I know Senator Kraus enough to know he does not belong in the cheap seats.

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Congressman Gary Cross.  He or his team have answered all the questions I’ve had regarding how or why they are voting in a particular way.  His office answers all the questions that come their way.  Congressman Cross understands, just like Senator Will Kraus that they represent the people, they make time, they answer questions, they are available and they spend countless hours making sure people have access to them.

I cannot speak for the rest of the Missouri Assembly, but I can say that of the two local politicians I have the opportunity to talk to they are exactly who we want in office – even if we disagree with them politically – because they are available and they answer honestly and more importantly they listen to what someone has to say.

I don’t think it’s a fair assessment of the Missouri Assembly to say they are in the Cheap Seats in the back.

I hope this is just a glitch in his commentary captured on video that allowed it to be nicely enhanced to make the point.  However, if you look at Missouri from a Fiscal point of view:

  • 47 out of 50 when it comes to labor force growth for 2012 reporting period (Bureau of Labor Statistics) which shows a bad trend when the 2011 report had Missouri as 43rd out of 50.
  • Since 2008 Missouri ranks 50 out of 50 in job creation (New York Times Story December 24, 2011)
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics in July showed that Missouri lost ranked 2nd in jobs lost with 7,700.
  • 48 out of 50 in total income growth for 2011 according to the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.

Governor Nixon does not have the best track record when it comes to improving the situation in Missouri.  Yes, the economy has been bad; but don’t you think we belong at least in the middle third as opposed to almost dead last or nearly dead last in all these areas?  What an improvement that would be for the Kansas City area and the rest of the state of Missouri.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative