It cites a woman (Devon Grochowski) that had no coverage with her current employer but can now continue to work at her existing company, at least until she is 26, while her parent’s insurance covers her.  Why is it fair for her parent’s work to pay for her insurance while she has a job or above a certain age?  I would think with a name like Grochowski, that I would be worried if I was her working parent with insurance.  It would surely be easier to get this person off the payroll than deal with the potential extended cost of paying for kids well in their twenties and currently employed.

Poor Micheal and Margret Novak, they can’t afford insurance for their employees.  They are going to get $10,500 tax credit, but doesn’t that kind negate the prior person’s (Devon) ability to get insurance with her employer?  I am all for a tax credits but it’s troubling for sure that on the one hand the President is using a citizen who is on their parent’s insurance and working for another company that can’t afford the insurance and then using an example of a company that is getting a tax credit to get people on private insurers.  Maybe there’s a catch to this $10,500 credit that we don’t understand.  I don’t know.  I’ll be sure to get the 1000 + page tome out and check.  I’m sure the White House can’t figure it out either.

Finally, it cites a woman named Amy Ward, who came down with a serious infection and was treated for the ailment.  Without the Affordable Care Act, Amy and her husband MAY not have been able to afford the treatment because they have a lifetime limit.   This doesn’t even pass the smell test.  Is the President implying that Ms. Ward may not have been able to get treated and died had the Affordable Care Act not been passed?  It sure sounds that way.  Amy would have received treatment.  She may not have survived when she saw the bill but nonetheless she did receive treatment and just because she reached a maximum limit did not mean that she would not have received treatment.  In fact, the reverse could be said of this entire argument.  She was more at risk allowing the Government to decide whether she should get treated or not versus a private party.  At least the private party has a heart.

So there you have it, three good reasons to be thankful for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  We should all thank our Democrats in charge that rammed this piece of …… down our throats and appreciate what our kind Government is doing to us.  Because of the Affordable Care Act, we are all much …

Brian Begshaw