June 29, 2011
A Holiday Worth Remembering

With the Fourth of July holiday upon us, I feel the need to say thank you. This holiday is typically one we celebrate with family and friends, barbeque and fireworks, whether we travel across the state or just to our own backyards. But it means so much more than that. It’s a day of gratitude and remembrance, as well.

Independence Day is recognized as the day upon which the forefathers of this country made the distinctive move to separate themselves from the tyranny and oppression of the British Empire by signing the Declaration of Independence. The freedoms those men were seeking, the self-evident truths and unalienable rights, the aptly named “American experiment,” were so important, they were willing to lay down their very lives to attain them. With their decision and their signatures, they set this country on the path to become the nation that it is today. Their strength imbued a country with the conviction and the courage to stand up against subjugation, and it is for that purpose on July 4 we celebrate the event that began the history of our great nation.

While we are discussing Independence Day, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those men and women that choose to take up the mantle of continued courage and serve our country. We hear often that freedom isn’t free. I know that firsthand. I am honored each and every day, knowing there are brave people standing up for this country I love and keeping it safe, no matter where they may be stationed in the world. Our country is great for many reasons, but not the least of which is our soldiers’ belief in its greatness. They fight our battles, both here and overseas, so that we might have the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and families this Independence Day.

It is for these reasons I say thank you. I thank the men and women that rose up against those that would have kept us bound to their way of thinking. And I thank the people that still today believe that this country is great and choose to defend our very way of life.

As you celebrate this weekend, please take a moment to remember what it is the celebration stands for. We have the opportunity to gather together because we are free. We set off fireworks emulating the rockets and cannon fire that was necessary to secure our freedom. On Independence Day, let’s celebrate the fact that we are Missourians, that we are Americans, that we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, and these gifts have been handed down to us at a considerable cost.

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