I finally arrived in Guanlan Shenzhen and after many small issues got to the room, turned on the TV to CNN International and had the biggest laugh I’ve had since this Bailout idea came out. Hustler’s Larry Flint and Girls Gone wild Joe Francis combine to bring satire to the Bailout question.

I’ve been posting for months that the Bailout was a bad idea, and today I blogged about UAL and my opinion of where their employees are going to lead the company. Here I get half way around the world from Kansas City and find the first story worthy of showing on CNN International is the Larry Flint, Joe Francis Bailout plan for the Porn Industry. I think it tops the New England Professor who asked for a bailout for himself.

Joe Francis was asked if the porn industry was truly in trouble and he said that it was not but “…we just wanted to get in line…” Pandora’s box of bailouts have been opened, and if President Elect Barack Obama goes forward with the tax cut for people who don’t pay taxes (that is called a new form of entitlement welfare) then why not give Larry Flint and Joe Francis a bailout? They are rich yes, but they did not fly to Washington to ask for the bailout. Actually, they did not destroy the economy the way Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did on the behest of the Senate’s Christopher Dodd and the House’s Harry Reid. In fact, they do employ a number of people who, if not for the sex industry would be working for McDonald and getting the personal bailout in the form of a tax cut (OK, maybe I’m pushing the point a bit far).

CNN International, is there nothing more pressing in the world today than the satirical request by the Porn Industry’s bailout request? What a lovely image we portray of the American system – thanks CNN (no, not really!)

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative
From Shenzhen China