How To Find A Jackson County Missouri Sample Ballot?

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Lee’s Summit, October 30, 2010 – The Elections are this coming Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 and you may be wondering where can I get a sample ballot so I can look through it before I get there on Tuesday.
For Jackson County and for the City of Lee’s Summit you can find your sample ballot by doing a simple three step process.

Update November 4, 2014

Click Here for a list of ballot for your city in Jackson County from the Jackson County Election Board




First go to the Voter Information tab of the Jackson County Election Board (click here). Once you’re there, you fill in your name and date of birth and click the FIND ME button.  This will give you a new page.
On the new page you’ll find your address, your precinct and right below that you’ll see “Click Here for ballot information” If you click that you’ll see your specific ballot sample.
Here’s my sample ballot, but I suggest you follow the process above and get your own so that you will have no surprises on Tuesday.

UPDATED: 8/2/2012 – Since many are still hitting this old post, here is the link you should use in there you’ll get 3 PDF’s to select from, the ballots are all the way at the bottom, and this year – for the primary – they have not put up a full sample ballot form, but all the information is there: Including the issues and propositions.

See you at the polls,
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One response to How To Find A Jackson County Missouri Sample Ballot?

  1. Anonymous November 1st, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    Thank you very much for providing this information. It often troubles me to go to the polls without knowing the issues well. With my sample ballot, I was able to research the issues and I feel confident that my choices tomorrow will be consistent with my beliefs.

    For any readers who are not aware, I discovered that good information including a biography and evaluation of all the judges is available at, including sample opinions written by each judge.

    Thanks again, Lee's Summit Conservative. See you at the polls tomorrow.