JANUARY 22, 2012, JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The week started with the formalities of inauguration. The inaugural parade kicked off the day and we were able to watch it from our new office. The Senate went into session briefly at 10 am and then went to watch the swearing in of statewide officials. The State Capitol building is always a different place when it is busy. With the marble floors and walls, the sound of a full building can be a bit overwhelming. Add in tuxedos and ball gowns, and it is quite a sight.

Since we didn’t have an election, the District 8 office was not as busy as many others, but we did have several constituents drop in to say hello. It was good to have a chance to walk around to other Senate and House offices. Congratulations to all the newly elected state representatives, including those that serve in the 8th District: Jeanie Lauer, Sheila Solon, Mike Cierpiot, Jeff Grisamore, Gary Cross, Donna Pfautsch and Ira Anders.

On Tuesday, we got right down to work with an 8:15 a.m. committee hearing for the Seniors, Families and Pensions Committee. Right now, about 100 bills have been referred to committees and the hearing process is moving forward.  On Thursday, I was proud to chair my first Ways and Means Committee and look forward to our tax policy discussions.

After a brief break for the Martin Luther King holiday, we will be back at work next week with many committees meeting to continue deliberations.  The Ways and Means Committee will meet on Thursday at 8:00 a.m. to begin discussions of several tax policy bills.

Picture of Will Kraus MO-8 at the Inaugural

At the Senate dais (l-r): Chief of Staff Mark Siettmann; intern Kelsey Sullivan;
Sen. Will Kraus; Legislative Assistant Megan Wolfe; intern Rick Skubinna.


 We welcomed numerous visitors to the Capitol this week, many of whom were in town for the inaugural festivities.  During the week, we heard from various realtors, dentists and parks directors from the district.  Please let us know if you plan to visit the Capitol.


 We were glad to get official Senate Resolutions for the following residents of the 8th District. If you know any of these recipients, please congratulate them on their individual accomplishments.

Simon Belete State Champion Boys’ Cross Country
Thomas and Marian Howley 60th Wedding Anniversary
Zachary Mehrer Eagle Scout Award
Luke Bowers Eagle Scout Award
David Burre Eagle Scout Award
Miles Davis Eagle Scout Award
Frank Gallick Finished 2nd at State Cross Country
City of Lee’s Summit Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
Chrisopher J. Thibault Eagle Scout Award
Quentin Elliott James Eagle Scout Award