Lee’s Summit, June 10, 2010 – Ever since January of this year I’ve been thinking that The Lee’s Summit Conservative needs to grow and expand to reach more people.  The Blogspot has served me well since 2008 but it may be time to do things a bit different.

On May 31st, I wrote a blog entitled “Thank You, Mr. President” and it initiated a set of events that have given me the opportunity to reach more people.  I’ve started to do an Opinion Column for the GreenSummit Dispatch, the first one is currently in print there.

The way things are going to work is that there are going to be columns that are posted here and the “Read More>>>” link will take you to the full link on The GreenSummit Dispatch (http://greensummitdispatch.com/) and other blogs that will only exist here in The Lee’s Summit Conservative.  I think the combination will give me the ability to reach more people, and it will also continue to give me the creative license that I need.

I hope you find this combination to your liking and I hope that you will follow the link to The GreenSummit Dispatch on those opinion pieces that link you there.

It is clear that the 2010 midterm elections are going to be historic.  Those of you who’ve followed me from the beginning know that I’m very fiscally conservative and a strong advocate for smaller, less intrusive government.  That will not change, what I hope to do is to reach out to more people, and simply encourage them to do their voting homework and most certainly: Vote! 

Our country needs us all to participate in the full election process.  That means getting out and voting in your Primaries (Missouri’s is in August) and then in November for the general midterm election.

It is my hope that you will continue to follow me here, and at The GreenSummit Dispatch.

Respectfully submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative