How did Iran become so bold so quickly? The Axis of Evil, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, all got their start during the 1990’s while 8 years were spent under the last Democratic relatively liberal administration.

Starting in 1980 President Reagan made it clear to the Soviet Union that there was no way to outspend the United States on the race for bigger and better weapons. In 1988 the political will of the United States was at an all time high and the US was the lone super power left. Berlin was on its way to being united, East and West Germany, Poland and so much of the old Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain left socialism behind and moved towards the free market economy and free elections.

The constancy of the Will of the United States had a very intentional effect on the world. The US is not a bully, we don’t get frightened by attacks like in Lebanon, we stay the course. People believe it, and even though the Iran-Contra affair threatened the government’s success, the one voice of Oliver North clearly showed the world, there are men of honor serving in the armed forces, men who will do the right thing, for the right reason, regardless of personal consequences.

In the 90’s “the decade of a gentler kinder America” opened a door that will take a long time to close. Korea felt that not only it could lie to the world, but that it could get away with it, because the American Administration would not stop them. The fact is, that the US did not stop them. The US took on a vast number of ill conceived steps all over the world lending manpower to ill conceived missions and then cutting and running. Iran took notice, Iraq took notice and thumbed their noses at the Americans; the only real power behind NATO and the UN.

In 2000 President Bush tried to rein in the axis of evil and in 2001 we had our darkest day on September 11th. The axis of evil was named, but it was too little, too late. Iraq and Afghanistan became the need and our brain power went to the successful conclusion of both of those wars, but Congress and the president lacked the Political Will that was there in the 1980’s with the great communicator who could rally the masses to push for change in an intractable congress.

The final set of straws for both North Korea and Iran was the weakness of the position presented by the new administration. When this countries enemies, speak of who they want as president, it is not because they want what is best for America, they want what is best for them, and America can rot for all they care. How can a simple civilian like myself understand that and not the brain thrust of American politics miss such a simple axiom: you lead from strength, not weakness, you negotiate from strength not weakness, you apologize and you show weakness.

The current administration is following the footsteps of the previous administration, and all the while talking about Lincoln. President Abraham Lincoln dealt from a position of strength and did it fairly. No apologies for the civil war, only remorse at the loss of life on both sides. The current administration has been apologizing for anything and everything, and in the mean time showing Iran that we are weak and we won’t have the political Will to settle the situation. North Korean knows that if we can’t do it in Iran we won’t do it there either.

The unintended consequences of what political candidates have said “we will sit down at the table with Iranian leaders without preconditions” is the 21st century equivalent to Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time”. President Kennedy was tested because it was unclear whether he had the political courage to do what was needed to hold the Soviets at bay. President Reagan had the lesson clearly laid out, and he avoided it for the 8 years he was president, and Bush enjoyed it for the 4 years he was president. President Obama, as the then Senator Biden said “…Obama…will be tested…”.

Well, President Obama by the power of the unintended consequences Iran will be the first test, and if we as a country don’t stop apologizing for anything and everything, and if we don’t clearly define friend from foe, the test will keep coming and America will follow the path of the book Atlas Shrugged; that’s not the America we all want, need and have worked so hard for.

Respectfully submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative