I had the pleasure of a candidate for Congress visiting my Blog and leaving a message of support and gratitude. Mr. Turk, you have it all wrong, it is my family and I who are grateful to you for running and for making the improvements you’ve made to your campaign against Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, we need a voice or reason replacing him in Congress.

Congressman Cleaver could not stick to his guns and vote NO on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 [let’s call it what it is, shall we: The Bailout of 2008]. Then, he tried to blame the reduction in production at the Claycomo plant by saying people can’t get loans. Mr. Cleaver, with all due respect; have you seen the inventory that the automotive distribution system has in place? Do you realize that to slow down the plant, the actual purchasing slow down started months and months ago? Do you realize that the problem is the fundamental thinking of the car makers and not that the banks won’t lend money – to people who don’t deserve the loan in the first place?

It is clear to me, by reading through Jacob Turk’s website (http://www.turkforcongress.org) and going into the comparison between Mr. Turk and Mr. Cleaver (http://www.turkforcongress.org/?page=issues) that Mr. Turk is a conservative who will, as John McCain will, put our Country First and not his own ambitions. Mr. Turk is a Marine Veteran, something that means a great deal to our family as two of our children are currently in the Army and one is to be deployed to Afghanistan in late December. He is a working man who, just like Joe the Plumber had a dream of owning a business. Unlike Joe, Mr. Turk achieved the dream and knows the hardships of making payroll, and making decisions that affect others as much as they do him; if you’ve never done it, this is an awesome responsibility.

Mr. Cleave has the knack of being on the wrong side of critical issues and I trust that Mr. Turk will vote his conscience and not his career. That is the kind of person we need in Congress, or we’re all bound to have the liberal agenda dominate the next 2 years if not longer.

We need Jacob Turk supporting us in Congress, looking out for our wallets and our jobs and our economy.

Make sure you Vote on Tuesday; it is a privilege many around the world don’t have, and so many in the United States take for granted.

The Lee’s Summit Conservative