Jerry Nolte: Court Ruling “Devastating Blow To Personal Liberties”

Posted by on June 28, 2012 3:38 pm
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Congressional Candidate Jerry Nolte Calls Court Ruling “Devastating Blow To Personal Liberties”

Congressional Candidate, State Representative Jerry Nolte R-Gladstone, called today’s ruling by the Supreme Court a devastating blow to personal liberties and our ability to create jobs and opportunities for everyone. Nolte observed that the court rightly defines the mandate as a massive trillion dollar tax increase on working Americans and small businesses.

“So many small businesses and entrepreneurs are barely holding on and this ruling makes it even more difficult for them to create the jobs that our families need so desperately,” said Nolte. “For some, it will mean closing their doors. For others in this slow economy, the only way to pay the new tax will be to lay people off. Either way, the real cost will fall on working families.”

Real prosperity and jobs come from an atmosphere that encourages opportunity growth. This is a tax on every household and business in the country which will hurt the creation of that atmosphere and expand an intrusive and expensive federal bureaucracy. Nolte said, “A huge new tax increase on the middle class is the last thing our troubled economy needs. Just because something is ruled constitutional does not make it right.” Because this is a tax, anyone not in compliance will be turned over to the IRS.

This massive expansion of government authority puts the United States yet more firmly on the path Greece and other socialist countries have traveled to massive unemployment and civil unrest. This also opens the question of what is next. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Will that be extended to what foods are good for us or any of the thousands of personal life-style choices we as Americans have made for ourselves since the founding of our Republic?

”My opponent, Emanuel Cleaver takes pride in his role in the job killing anti-growth policies of this administration that have prolonged our slow/no growth economy,” Nolte commented. “This ruling only extends the suffering average families must endure as our country continues down the path of limited personal freedom, reduced opportunity and crushing debt passed on to our children. The only way to now change this law and the direction our country is going is to replace President Obama and his supporters like Emanuel Cleaver. I have the legislative and budget experience to begin day one to reverse these policies that the overwhelming majority of Missouri citizens have rejected. I support affordable, portable, and personal market-based health care solutions including Health Savings Accounts, small business risk pools across state lines and State flexibility to manage Medicaid.”

Representative Nolte is in his fourth term in the Missouri Legislature chairing the Committee on International Trade and Job Creation. Nolte sponsored the Manufacturing Jobs Act instrumental in the expansion of the Ford Claycomo Plant and the Broad-based Tax Relief Act of 2012. He is a candidate for the 5th District Congressional Seat, for more information go to

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  1. Gene W. DeVaux June 28th, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Just how does the Affordable Care act deny anyone of their personal liberties? Most Americans will have good health care insurance. Most Americans already have health care of some kind, either one that the purchase or one provided by their employers. They will be able to keep what they have and may see some rebates from their insurance companies. Low income Americans who have no insurance will be able to get insurance coverage now. If they cannot afford it, they will get help from the new health care plan so that they can buy it. People will no longer be turned down because of pre-existing conditions; they will not lose their insurance when they have a costly illness. There will be no lifetime caps on coverage. Young people up to age 26 will be covered by their parents insurance. That will give them the opportunity to get settled into a job where they may be given insurance or that will pay them enough to buy their own. Insurance companies will have to pay 80% of their premium revenues for health care. The risk of losing everything because of costly illnesses will no longer be a threat to individuals who are insured. Medicare patients will see their doughnut hole disappear and will be able to buy prescription drugs at discounted prices. I have seen people go to the pharmacy and walk away without their medicines because they could not afford them. No more. People are going to be much better off under this plan but Republicans like the Lee’s Summit conservative had the thought of a Democratic passed bill, one that had no Republican support is Constitutional and will help millions of Americans, who if they are smart will elect people from the party that provided them with this great program. People should never vote for anyone who would attempt to overturn this great program.
    How could Jerry Nolte ever claim that this program will be a “devastating blow to personal liberties”? When more people understand how they will benefit by the Affordable Care Act, they will love it and will not support candidates who would say as Nolte is quoted to say, “This ruling only extends the suffering average families must endure as our country continues down the path of limited personal freedom, reduced opportunity and crushing debt passed on to our children.” That is just so much hog wash!
    eomast scalp