Picture of Ballot BoxLEE’S SUMMIT, OCTOBER 24, 2012 – Comedian Jimmy Kimmel posed the following hypothesis: People pre-determine who the winner of a debate is then find affirmation during the debate.  To prove his point he did two sets of interviews:

First: Hours before the 2nd Presidential debate he sent out a camera crew to ask people on the street “Who won last night’s debate?” The fact was that the debate would not take place for another 4 hours – he explains in the video.

Obviously the video had some editing but they found 8 people seven of them asserted who they thought had one the debate.  Yet, there had been no debate.

It’s funny right… or is it?

Kimmel was not done with his idea.  So he asked one more question the next day: Ask pedestrians, something more ridiculous – the First Lady debate.

Listen to the detail the first person interviewed gives, all the justifications for his decision as to who won the debate.  The other four people had more difficulty explaining the winner of the First Lady debate; but they all gave it a truly gallant – though made up – effort.

In 2008 I started this blog simply as a way to release my frustration.  I needed a method to express my ideas, get rebuttals and have to take the time to improve my skills.  I’m not sure my skills are any better; but the idea has changed.  I still express my opinion openly and welcome those who disagree and are eloquent enough and willing to take their time to explain their disagreement.  If I cannot defend my opinion honestly; then that’s my fault – not theirs or yours.

This blog started out to be a fun blog – the tension in America is too high right now.  However, as I sat at this keyboard I realized that what Jimmy Kimmel did was reinforce my desire, my need, and my passion for this blog.

Look, let’s be serious, the people picked for the final cut were the funniest and most outrageous of all so that we would laugh.  If someone got on there and said “Are you nuts?!?  The debate is tonight!” They did not make it to the final cut – not funny!

While these are only comedic exaggerations of what people think, the fact remains that there is a wide spectrum between political junkies like me, the average voter, and those who simply get up on Election Day, remember they need to vote and “Make it Up as they go”.

I honestly don’t care if you are Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, Independent, or Democrat.  What I truly hope, pray and write about is the need for a WELL INFORMED ELECTORATE.  If you don’t know about a candidate – you still have time.  If you get to the polling booth and can’t figure out who to vote for do the best you can.  What I do is – as big a political junkie I am – I won’t vote for a candidate if I don’t know anything about them.  My thinking is that people have done their homework (these videos not withstanding) so I don’t want to cancel out their educated vote with my uneducated one.

Now, I make it a point to know who is running.  I go to the Jackson County Election Board (JCEB) site and look at what is on the Missouri State ballot, then I look to see if there are any special ballots for Lee’s Summit, or some general ballots for the county.  You can find the Voting Locations under the Election information, or click on this link.

If you have no idea where your polling station has moved to – as mine did for the Primary – you can click on the Voter Information section of the JCEB site and on the right hand side you can type in your name and other information and you can find out where to vote, your district, etc., all important information so you can vote.  On that page – the Voter Information page – you can see about Absentee Voting, Military & Overseas, the ID Requirements, and more.

Please be informed.  We have 12 days left when we wake up in the morning to get prepared for the election.

Be prepared.

Vote on Nobember 6th 2012 – if for no other reason that you don’t want Jimmy Kimmel asking you questions you have to make up answers to on national television and then even worse – you YouTube.

Respectfully Submitted

The Lee’s Summit Conservative