Lee’s Summit, November 2, 2010 – Election Day and a very large turn out in Jackson County where Jacob Turk is taking on incumbent Emanuel Cleaver.  A credible source reports that,  
There was a very heavy turnout today in Jackson County. One polling place in Grandview reported 100 people in line at 7 pm, so they had to keep polls open so those folks could vote.
At 8:22 pm, we had counted absentee ballots, and 28 of 168 polls. Turk has 9076, Cleaver has 6052.
Secretary of State may not post these interim results, but are released to the press from the office in Independence Missouri.
It is good to see that Jackson County is turning out in such large numbers that reporting results becomes a big job.
At 9:20 pm, JCEB count shows Turk 23,107 to Cleaver 15,932
At 12:12 am Confusion over the numbers:
The Secretary of State has it at:
311 of 311 Precincts (100%)
Cleaver: 101,076 (53.1%)
Turk: 84,415 (44.4%)
FOX4 has it at
Vote %
Cleaver – D
Turk – R
Langkraehr – LIB
Lay – CST
As of this update, I have no way of knowing whether there is a computer glitch at the SOS site (http://www.sos.mo.gov/enrweb/raceresults.asp?eid=300&oid=67532&arc=), or an error at FOX4’s Political News web page (http://www.fox4kc.com/news/politics/election/)
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