Picture of Directions sign for Downtown Days Lee's Summit, MOLee’s Summit, June 2, 2012 – Downtown Lee’s Summit is alive with large crowds of people having fun, shopping, eating, and meeting friends.  Last night we walked all through downtown, had great Greek Food at the corner and enjoyed watching people truly appreciating the beauty that is Downtown Lee’s Summit.

As usual, I had my camera with me, and I got to meet some very interesting people who bring their crafts to Downtown Days.  The thing that draws my attention mostly at Downtown Days is the number of people who actually make the products they sell

Picture of Downtown Days in Lee's Summit Mo

Large Crowd enjoys Lee's Summit's Downtown Days

FUNKYFEET BOUTIQUE (http://www.twofunkyfeet.com)

Owner: Christen Bryant of Lee’s Summit Missouri.  Her booth has been at Downtown Days for three years now, and people come in for her toe rings that are handmade and true rings, not adjustable rings.  But this year I noticed beautifully hand painted and decorated sandals.  This goes along with the barefoot sandals and other great products that if you’re downtown you should stop in and ask her to show you.

Picture of Sandals Display at FunkyFeet Boutique

Beautiful hand decorated Sandals

Picture of Products at FunkyFeet Boutique

Product Display at Funky Feet Boutique


QUICK SILVER MINT (twogeminismint@yahoo.com)

My wife led me to Bob and Debbie Stewart’s place where they make using old fashioned presses  stars and hearts out of coins and other materials.  The impressive thing about their booth is that two of the presses they own are there on display so you can sit and talk to Bob about exactly how the shapes are coined and stamped into existence.

Picture of Quck Silver Mint Bob Stewart In front of his products

Handmade product on display

This is truly a unique product that you would enjoy taking a closer look at.

Picture of Quck Silver Mint Products

JD’s FINE WRITING INSTRUMENTS (john.dowell@att.net)

I have to admit, I have an honest weakness for pens.  Not just any pen.  I like fine writing pens that have some history, or style or affect you in some way.  Handwriting is an art that combines the style of the writer and the fluidity of the instrument.  When I was a child I found the beauty of the old Parker 21 – a fountain pen that for me personally has no equal.  In moving from Argentina to the United States in 1970 many things – including my pen – were left behind.  In 1999, for my birthday, my wife searched high and low through the internet and found a pen and pencil set with the Parker 21.  Needless to say to this day it is safely kept in my desk drawer.

Yes, I’m a pen nut!  So imagine my pleasure as I walked by JD’s Fine Writing Instruments and had the chance to speak to John “JD” Dowell who owns and makes the pens himself.  At home, in his lathe, JD works to smooth out, polish and prepare the various exotic materials he uses for the pen bodies.

Picture of JD's Writting Instruments Handmade Pen

Artistry making pens worth holding in your hands

If you are looking for a unique, handmade pen; stop by JD’s.

JACOB TURK (Jacob@turkforcongress.com)

What did you expect, I’m a political Blogger, so you knew that at some point I’d make my way to the political tents and talk to a candidate; and I found Jacob Turk and his team talking to the people at the fair, not to each other – as I’ve seen others do.

Turk’s campaign has come a long way over the years.  His personable style, his family and his volunteers make sure you feel welcome at their booth, and that you get your questions answered.

Jacob Turk at Lee's Summit's Downtown Days

Jacob Turk, Candidate for US Congress talks to a family visiting his booth at Lee's Summit's Downtown Days

Downtown Days continues this weekend.  This morning we stopped at Neighbors Café for breakfast and I took this next picture to serve as a contrast to the first one at the top of the article.  Downtown Days, the street may be empty at 8:00 AM; but by noon the crowds will be walking, the vendors will be peddling their wares, the food vendors will be busy serving everyone lunch.  But right now the street is quiet.

Picture of Downtown Days - Early Morning

The quiet before the fun and the work begins

This weekend, if you want to see a true piece of Americana at its best; come by Lee’s Summit’s Downtown Days and enjoy!


Picture of Downtown Days

This is truly a piece of Americana, families, friends, young and old enjoying Downtown Days in Lee's Summit

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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