Will Kraus, a very energetic representative from Missouri’s 48th District, Vice Chair of the Utilities Committee, Vice Chair of the Health Care Policy Committee, and a Member of the Job Creation and Economic Development committees as well as Real I.D. and Personal Privacy committees reports that “One of our first priorities this session is to act on the recommendations of the Missouri Citizens’ Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials. In its 2008 report, the commission recommends a cost of living increase for all elected officials equal to whatever we, the General Assembly, approve for state employees and an additional $1500 increase for associate circuit judges. The Constitution requires that we act on the recommendation as a whole, and does not allow us to pick and choose and pass some increases but not others” wrote Representative Kraus on his District News Letter.

He further wrote, “While we are currently investigating cutting the budget of many of our state departments, I had to vote to reject the recommendations of the citizens’ commission. If most of people I represent won’t get a pay raise, then Judges and lawmakers sure shouldn’t get one.

Representative Will Kraus stuck to his principles as many other law makers did on voting on the first measure brought to the House floor by Rep. McGhee on January 26, 2009 and “When Rep. McGhee’s resolution reached the House floor last night [1/26/2008], I voted to not accept the pay increase. It’s just not right for us to even consider raising our salaries while so many Missourians have lost their jobs. We will all have to work hard until our economy takes a turn for the better.” Wrote Rep. Will Kraus.

Conservative principles are clearly understood by Representative Kraus who not only voted no for the bill, but he went on to acknowledge that the key to the turning around of our economy will come from job creation. A lesson many Democrats in the House of Representatives, in Washington DC do not understand – look at the rescue (pork-cue) package that they passed. The 850 billion dollar package is so laden with pork that it will accidentally create a few lobbyist jobs, but not one single intentional wealth generating job will be created by President Obama’s first major bill, and the House of Representative’s Democrats.

Representative Kraus’s strong principles were reflected by his Federal counterparts in the Republican Party who, to a person, voted no.

I believe Lee’s Summit and District 48 is lucky to have a young man such as Will Kraus representing our local values in the State’s House. I just wish the Federal Government had such a good foundation in what has made this country great over the past 232 years: entrepreneurial sprit, free market capitalism, and a small (relatively to the current size) Government that left money in the economy, and not taxed it away to punish those who dare create new jobs.

Respectfully submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative.