Picture of Todd Akin, Sarah Steelman, and John BrunnerLEE’S SUMMIT, JULY 15, 2012 – Last week I covered the Congressional race.  This week I’m covering the Senate race just to give you an idea of the candidates, and to help you get started on your own research prior to the very important Primary Elections being held on August 7th here in Missouri.

Claire McCaskill is the incumbent; she was elected to the Senate on November 7, 2006.  Her voting record is easily available for your review at Project Vote Smart.  Senator McCaskill and the rest of the senate have not voted on a budget since the 2009.  She has voted primarily with her party.  I was pleasantly surprised in reviewing her record on abortion; he has voted 3 times since 2006  and in all cases she has voted NAY.  On Budget, Spending and Taxes Senator McCaskill had 177 vote opportunities, 131 yea, 42 nay, and 4 did not vote.  Her 4 no votes  included the 2008 Continuing Appropriations, and the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, Fiscal year 2009-2010 Supplemental Appropriations, and Extending Unemployment Benefits and Certain Tax Credits in 2010.  In late 2011 she voted against the Hatch Bill Proposing a Balance Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Project Vote Smart has a section on Interests Group Ratings, so I looked up Business and Consumers.  A zero (0) rating is no support to that Interest Group, and 100% is full commitment to the group: When it comes to Business and Consumers Claire McCaskill scores an average thirty two (32) percent.  Gun issues she scores an average of 16%.  I recommend you giving this a review based on your own interests.

Competing to get the opportunity to run against Senator McCaskill are four Republicans: Todd Akin, John Brunner, Sara Steelman and Mark Memoly.

Todd Akin: His first experience in government was in 1988 as a State Representative starting in 1988, in 2000 he was elected to the US Congress representing Missouri’s 2nd District and have been in office ever since.  Recently he voted for the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, and for the Conservation and Economic Growth Act.  His voting record can be found at Project Vote Smart.  Out of 374 votes held in the house having to do with the Budget, Spending and Taxes he voted 201 yea, 166 nay, and 7 Did Not Vote.  As you spend time reading his voting record in the House of Representatives, a clear Fiscal Conservative record comes through.

Research Assistance:

Todd Akin website: http://www.akin.org/ he also has a Twitter and Facebook page.

John Brunner: Has a proven business track record leading the Vi-Jon – a private-label personal care products manufacturing company founded in 1908 by his grandparents.  He worked his way up the company operations going from forklift operator in 1978 to CEO from 1992 to 2009.  Over the 17 year leadership the company grew to over 6,000 products and five distribution and manufacturing facilities in St Louis Missouri and Smyrna Tennessee.

Research Assistance:

John Brunner Website: http://johnbrunner.com/  he also has a Twitter and Facebook page.

Sarah Steelman: Her political career goes back to the State Senate where she served from 1998 till 2004 when she won her race for State Treasurer.   In 2008 Steelman ran for Governor, but came up short in the Primary.  She was the first candidate to announce she would seek the opportunity to run against Senator McCaskill in 2012.  She has the support of local State Representatives, Sheila Solon (Blue Springs), Myron Neth (Liberty), Noel Torpey (Independence), Chris Moendorp (Belton), Denny Hoskins (Warrensburg), Jeff Grisamore (Lee’s Summit) and 42 others.  Rasmussen’s poll of June shows Sarah Steelman has a strong lead against Claire McCaskill – if the election were held today.

Research Assistance:

Steelman website: http://www.sarahsteelman.com/ she also has a Twitter and Facebook page.

Mark Memoly: Has extensive business background but does not have any political experience.  I could not find a position paper, nor a candidacy website.  You’ll have to do the legwork yourself here.

Research Assistance:

Memoly website: http://www.memoly.org/, he has a Facebook page.

{Publisher Note: Updated July 23, 2012 courtesy of Mark Memoly}

I will continue my research until the Primary on August 7, 2012 – See you at the Polls!

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative