Representative Will Kraus votes to tell the Federal Government that while we appreciate their efforts, we truly don’t think that the Federal Government listened to the vast majority of Americans when it passed the Health Care bill earlier this week.

From a press release from this morning:

Lee’s Summit – In light of Sunday’s passage of health care legislation in the U.S. Congress, the debate on health care in the Missouri House of Representatives has been particularly relevant.  A resolution, passed last week, proposes a constitutional amendment that would prohibit Missourians from being mandated to participate in any health care system. Rep. Will Kraus voted for HJR 48, 50 & 57 in the House of Representatives to protect Missourians against being forced to purchase health insurance.

After being passed in the House, the state resolution has been sent to the Senate for its consideration.  If approved by both chambers, it would go to Missouri voters for approval.

“The Constitution of the United States limits the powers of the federal government and gives all others not named in the Constitution to the states.  It does not allow the federal government to step into everyone’s lives to make an individual’s health care decisions.  It does not allow the federal government to require that citizens purchase particular goods and services just because they live in the United States,” said Rep. Will Kraus.

“As a representative who believes in listening to constituents, I am sickened by the legislative sleight of hand used to force passage of the federal legislation to which most Americans are opposed,” added Rep. Kraus.  “The sheer number and magnitude of the special deals needed to buy votes to pass the federal health care legislation should alert us to the weakness and wrong direction of this bill.”

“In Missouri, I’m very glad that the House stepped up to pass HJR 48, 50 & 57 to stop health care mandates and that citizens of our state will have a chance to vote on it as a constitutional amendment,”  said Rep. Kraus.  “Let’s let the citizens decide on this massive re-structuring of our health care system.”

While in Washington our local Representative, Emanuel Cleaver voted for it, and along with his party, here in Missouri we have to deal with the consequences of the bill.  Our State Representative is actually listening to us.

It is my hope, that when this bill goes to the State Senate, it will pass.  Even if in the end, Federal Law is deemed to over trump the State laws and constitution, it is good to see our politicians actually executing the will of the people and putting the State of Missouri, ahead of the will of the Federal Government.  A government that for whatever good intentions has passed a bill that will increase our expenditures over time (just look at Medicare and Medicaid if you have any doubt as to the governments ability to run such programs, and look at Massachusetts health care reform that is costing more now than originally envisioned), and sadly it will reduce coverage opening up a new avenue for insurance companies to provide “supplemental” insurance like they do today for Medicare.

Missouri’s House of Representatives, and Will Kraus, well done!

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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