Picture of Newt GingrichLEE’S SUMMIT, December 5, 2011 – Now that the upstart Herman Cain has been taken care of, the spotlight moves to a much more colorful target – Newt Gingrich.  This should be very easy, after all he has many years and many indiscretions to answer for.

Michelle Bachmann tells Fox News points out that Newt supported the dream act and his immigration history of backing George Bush’s amnesty.  “he’s been a part of Washington DC for 30 years, he is as establishment as it gets… His organizations have taken in over 100 million dollars just this year alone to peddle influence… he is influencing legislation in Washington DC.”

BriebartTV has a clip of Newt from 2003 where Newt claims “I’m an Eisenhower Republican; Government has to lead on healthcare.”

Time Swampland poses the question, “Are Iowa’s True Believers Ready to Forgive Newt Gingrich’s Sins?”  The killer quote is found buried in the last paragraph where Alex Altman states “The former House Speaker also has the benefit of being the man of the moment when the moment is right.”

The Media Research Center has a story by Matthew Balan from last Friday with the headline “CBS Harps on Newt’s ‘Baggage’; Cain Only Has ‘Die-Hard’ Support Left”.  He quotes Jan Crawford on CBS who said of Newt that he is “going to be hit hard for his ties to corporate interests, the ethics allegations…even his personal relationships- his adulterous affairs.”

The Washington Post in an editorial entitled “Vetting Newt Gingrich” The editorial board opinion opens by stating “the former House speaker insists that he never stooped to lobbying per se in his 13-year post-congressional career, he clearly did cash in on his status and connections, whether as a high-priced speechmaker or as an “adviser” to Freddie Mac”

Politico opens its article titled “GOP’s anti-Newt chorus holds its tongue” with this paragraph excerpt “They all remember the last time Gingrich held power, as House speaker: the bombast, the reckless personal life, the arrogance and lack of discipline that bordered on dangerous. Some, like Dick Armey and Sen. Tom Coburn, have made a side career of keeping alive the tales of Bad Newt, with a zeal that said, never again.”

Where were all these any Newt publications early last week, and last month?  Why is it now that they are after him?  Is it because we are supposed to pick Romney and anyone that gets in the way is so much cannon fodder?  Is the media, Conservative and Liberal saying “wait a minute, this is Romney’s turn and you have no right to go up against him?”  Is that what this is all about?

Conservatives like Carl Rove are coming out against Newt.  Three weeks ago Carl was against Cain, before that he was against Perry, and before that even against Bachmann.  How dare these upstarts challenge the Politicos in Washington that pre-select the candidates for us stupid, ignorant Americans.  We are supposed to fall in line with whatever they deem appropriate and let their hand-picked candidate run for office.

Ronald Reagan was not a Washington insider.  He was not the pick of the political elite.  Yes, he came in second to Gerald Ford, but that was still not enough.  He had to fight his way to the top of the ticket and win the election against the pundits who predicted dire times if Reagan won.

I’m not a Gingrich supporter; in fact I have issues with him, his past, and whether or not he can truly lead.  But the one thing I’m totally against is someone telling me how to think.  So because of that; I’m doubling my efforts to get to know Gingrich even better and form my own opinion.

I hope you do the same.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative.