Missouri Senator Will Kraus

Senator Will Kraus MO-8

JEFFERSON CITY, March 30, 2012 — This week, three measures sponsored by Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit, passed out of the Senate and were sent to the House for its consideration.

“It has been a week of movement in the Missouri Senate,” Sen. Kraus said. “These pieces of legislation will have a positive impact on the future of our state, as they work to benefit Missouri’s youth Streamlining special education hearings is extremely important to our students’ quality of education. At the same time, we are working to provide added security from sexual predators.”

Senate Bill 595 would not only provide more transparency in special education due process hearings, it would also transfer the responsibility of special education due process hearings to the State Administrative Hearing Commission. In addition, Sen. Kraus’ measure provides a clear protocol outline for commissioners, stating they cannot have served as a special education advocate or have been party to special education proceedings while serving as representation of either parent or child. This bill has an emergency clause attached so that commissioners can begin training immediately.

Senate Bill 789 would modify DNA profiling processes by the Missouri State Highway Patrol crime lab. Under this act, a sex offender would be required to provide a DNA sample at the time of registration and sets up protocol for DNA to be destroyed in cases that are not prosecuted. SB 789 also extends current surcharges for DNA profiling to Aug. 28, 2019. These funds, which are currently deposited into the DNA Profiling Analysis Fund, were set to expire on Aug. 28, 2013.

Senate Joint Resolution 40 would, upon voter approval, amend the state’s constitution to create two exceptions to a provision which has kept new regulations from being applied to those on the sex offender registry and those required to provided DNA samples for analysis and to be placed in the DNA profiling system.

To follow the action on these and other measures sponsored by Sen. Kraus, visit www.senate.mo.gov/kraus.