Stuart FL, June 16, 2010 – While here in Southern Florida I’ve been asking a lot of questions of residents in this coastal city.  It does not take long for the conversations to turn to the oil spill and the lack of success at containing or stopping the leak. 

I spoke to a local Fishing Boat Captain and his mate who had little to say other than it was certainly coming this way, and that it was a terrible shame.  His business is volume driven.  The more tourists he can put on his boat the better he does.  His prices are incredibly reasonable at $20.00 for observers and $40.00 for those who will fish and require a fishing license.  You go out either at eight in the morning or at one in the afternoon and they can accommodate up to fifty six people on board. 

There are at least three families that depend on that boat and the tourist season to provide a living for the full year.  This is not a large business but if you count the number of those types of businesses here in the southeastern coast of Florida you can see that they will be affected greatly if the oil comes up the coast as it is expected.  Read More >>

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