Picture of Obama Romeny at DenverSHENZHEN, CHINA; OCTOBER 4, 2012 – After traveling half way around the world on business, I arrived at the hotel and the first thing I did was to watch a replay of the Presidential debate: CNN International reported that Romney won the debate 63 to 37 percent.  No candidate, since Reagan’s “there he goes again” and “I will not make age a political issue in this campaign, nor will I bring up my opponents youth and inexperience” has soundly defeated his opponent in the debates.

I just finished watching the debate and while I do believe the advantage goes to Romney – he did not deliver any devastating blows that justify the CNN numbers.

Romney held his own; but I expected that from someone that had 20 debates in the last 18 month.  The Republican debates were truly spirited, they had to answer the same question asked in 20 different ways and Romney had to feel comfortable in front of the American Public.

Obama has been campaigning but has not been in formal debates since his election campaign four years ago.  His speaking style is not concise.  His mannerisms are plodding.  In essence I get the impression he’d take five minutes simply to order a big mac, fries and a small coke.  But that was the case 4 years ago so the American people are used to that.

Key points:

Picture of President Obama at the Debate in DenverObama believes in his programs and his math is still the same it has always been.  He did nothing to improve on that; so if you believe he is right, he didn’t do anything to detract from your belief.

  • Obamacare is based on Romney’s plan plus the panels
  • The economy was in shambles when he took over.
  • Obama Care is a name the President likes
  • Romney wants $7 Trillion in increased spending
  • Regulations like Dodd-Frank are good for the Economy

Pictue of Romney at the Denver Presidential DebateRomney believes that the role of Government is primarily to set the rules, make sure no one gets an unfair advantage, and then get the Government out of the way and let the Entrepreneurs do their job – including the 50 State Legislatures with their ideas of how to solve problems.

  • Increasing taxes on wage earners over $250k will hurt small businesses; because that’s the rates they pay – not corporate rates.
  • States can do a better job managing Medicare and Medicaid than the Federal Government.
  • Obamacare takes money away from Social Security / Medicare / Medicaid by reducing payments that will cause Hospitals and Doctors from taking on more patients.
  • Balance the budget by reducing taxes, creating more tax payers with higher wages; reduce deductions and regulations to free up the Economy and entrepreneurial spirit and success.

Overall I feel good about the debate.  Romney made his points well, he presented and defended his positions logically, and gave Americans a sharp contrast to the Obama agenda.

These are two experienced debaters.  Neither one fumbled the ball – but I did not expect them to.  Neither one threw an interception:  They both managed the game well.  Continuing my football analogy, while I believe Romney won the debate by a field goal, the outcome truly was not in question.  He set the tone in the first 15 to 30 minutes, and maintained his performance.

I expect the second debate to be a tight rematch and expect Obama to come out stronger – just like Reagan did after his “tired appearance” on the first debate against Walter Mondale.

I think the real winners from this debate are the Americans who decided to watch it, and see how each performed.  As to all the hype from Politico, CNN, and the other news media outlets my thoughts are: They are a bit exaggerated.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative

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