LEE’S SUMMIT, July 18, 2011 – The debate rages on about the debt ceiling and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D – Texas) spoke of the unfair treatment of President Obama: suggesting it was racially motivated (click here).  The truth is that the reason President Obama is being pressed so hard about debt reduction is that in his first two years he over-spent our revenue’s by over 1.7 Trillion Dollars a year, implemented  PPACA against the will of over 60% of Americans, bailed out GM and Chrysler, forced car dealers out of business, told investors in Chrysler to stand behind the unions, told businesses they were overspending in cushy locales for conventions, called out Vegas as an undesired destination, and told Cessna and other private jet manufacturers that those who buy their products (the products that their labor force builds) are tax shirker’s.

Annual Debt Increase By President

Obama Debt increase 3x nearest

Many on the left point to Ronald Reagan as someone who damaged the country by the increase in the national debt: he raised the national debt by $212 Billion per year for his eight year presidency.  Bill Clinton was the lowest in the 1990’s by only increasing the National Debt by $201 Billion per year.  The often maligned George W Bush raised the National Debt by $544 billion per year.

In the 28 years since Reagan was elected till President Obama was elected, the National Debt increased a combined, $1.3 Trillion or( $325 Billion per year) by Democrat and Republican Presidents, Democrat and Republican Congresses.  The National Debt is truly a bipartisan problem: they both have caused it at just over $325 Billion per year.

In the last two years, President Obama outspent every President and every Congress since 1980!

In the last two years, President Obama has repeatedly stated that he was “laser focused” on the economy: it has gone steadily downhill and unemployment has continued to increase – now over 9.2% officially, and over 17% when you count those who’ve stopped receiving Unemployment Compensation – they don’t get counted – and those who’ve been forced to take part-time jobs to make ends meet (the under employed).

To Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, I respectfully point to the Obama, Reid, Pelosi laser focus on PPACA (aka, ObamaCare) and not on the economy.  I point to the lack of jobs, the lack of a 2011 budget because Congress was too busy to do their job and the President allowed it, the lack of fiscal control, and the lack of real action about jobs.

More than any of those things, I point to President Obama’s off the cuff joke about “…I guess shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready after all…” yet our money was spent, and the jobs were not there.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee; as an elected representative in the greatest hall of debate – The Congress of the United States of America – it requires that you bring the strongest argument that you can logically muster and not some baseless rhetoric that damages America in total.

I welcome logical rebukes to my logic; debate is worth the effort – vacuous rhetoric is not.


Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative