Dear Representative Cleaver,

November 2nd is fast approaching, and I have written to you previously regarding the Health Care Bill that you voted for in every occasion.  The polls showed at the time that the 5th district was opposed to it, with some in the Kansas City area favoring it.  In total your constituents were against it.  We requested that you vote NO as our representative.

It seems Sir, that the voters of Missouri were adamant that the Health Care bill was wrong and that the Federal Government overstepped its constitutional bounds in passing the law.  I assume that the pressure to vote on party lines was very intense.

Look clearly at the Jackson County results for Prop C, where 54,442 votes were cast, and 38,945 voted yes for 71.5%, and in Kansas City only 29,001 votes were cast with only 16,383 votes against.  It is obvious that your constituents, myself included cast a referendum not only on Prop C but also a reminder that you voted against the Will and the best interests of your constituents.

November 2nd is coming soon.  How will you regain the trust of your constituency?

Respectfully Submitted,
The Lee’s Summit Conservative