As conservatives throughout the United States we’re all asking ourselves what’s the first step to regaining the impetus and revitalize the GOP. Part of that first step took place at the Republican Governor Association (RGA) meetings in Miami this week. The gist of the conversation was the nationalization of the state by state approach each Republican Governor is implementing:

1) Reduce taxes; helps businesses create jobs in the states.
2) Create a business friendly environment so jobs can be created
3) Limit and reduce government
4) Focus on the Center Right conservative values.
5) Focus on the future, not the past and lead.

The first test will come in 2010 when Governors all over the country will have to run for re-election, be term limited out of office or simply chose to retire. On Tuesday November 2, 2010 thirty six (36) states will elect Governors:

  1. Alabama, Bob Riley (R) – Term Limited
  2. Alaska, Sarah Palin (R)
  3. Arizona, Janet Napolitano (D) – Term Limited
  4. Arkansas, Mike Beebe (D)
  5. California, Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) – Term Limited
  6. Colorado, Bill Ritter (D)
  7. Connecticut, Jodi Rell (R)
  8. Florida, Charlie Crist (R)
  9. Georgia, Sonny Perdue (R) – Term Limited
  10. Hawaii, Linda Lingle (R) – Term Limited
  11. Idaho, Butch Otter (R)
  12. Illinois, Rod Blagojevich (D)
  13. Iowa, Chet Culver (D)
  14. Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius (D) – Term Limited
  15. Maine, John Baldacci (D) – Term Limited
  16. Maryland, Martin O’Malley (D)
  17. Massachusetts, Deval Patrick (D)
  18. Michigan, Jennifer Granholm (D) – Term Limited
  19. Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty (R)
  20. Nebraska, Dave Heineman (R) – Term Limited
  21. Nevada, Jim Gibbons (R)
  22. New Hampshire, John Lynch (D)
  23. New Mexico, Bill Richardson (D) – Term Limited
  24. New York, David Paterson (D)
  25. Ohio, Ted Strickland (D)
  26. Oklahoma, Brad Henry (D) – Term Limited
  27. Oregon, Ted Kulogoski (D) – Term Limited
  28. Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell (D) – Term Limited
  29. Rhode Island, Donald Carcieri (R) – Term Limited
  30. South Carolina, Mark Sanford (R) – Term Limited
  31. South Dakota, Mike Rounds (R) – Term Limited
  32. Tennessee, Phil Bredesen (D) – Term Limited
  33. Texas, Rick Perry (R)
  34. Vermont, Jim Douglas (R)
  35. Wisconsin, Jim Doyle (D)
  36. Wyoming, David Freudenthal (D) – Term Limited

Of the 36 open Governorships in 2010, there are 17 seats open by constitutional term limits established in each state, of those 10 are currently held by a Democratic Governor. The focus of the GOP leadership, perhaps Michael Steel the Chairman of GOPAC, not that Newt Gingrich will not have a guiding hand from his typically well thought out positions, is to gain as many of those 10 Governorships as possible. And by doing so, show the entire country that the Conservative approach to leadership has strong value to the individual states and then for the country as a whole.

Conservatives, focus on the RGA and the message. Then focus on what you can do to help spread the message to your family, to your neighbor, to your entire neighborhood and to your district. The message is simple and it is focused on the benefit to the country as a whole. Keep taxes low, develop growth and shorten the recession.

Let’s see how we, the Conservatives, handle the first phase of the return of the Conservatives.

The Lee’s Summit Conservative.