Lee’s Summit, June 20, 2010 – This morning after ten days away from home I started to catch up by reading the Sunday paper.  A week in Florida has me very aware of the plight of the stresses felt by those who make their living off the oceans around our great country.  But, in reading today’s news here at home I realize that there are thousands of people in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit and the surrounding communities who worry about whether they’ll have a job by the 4th  of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas.

This jobless recovery is hitting homes all over our area, the state of Missouri and the rest of the nation.  I wonder what happened to the “laser focus on the economy” President Obama spoke of at the State of the Union Address in January.  No one is immune to the pressure.  No one can claim that no one they know has lost a job in the last eighteen months.  No one can say with certainty, “I’m safe at my job.”  Anyone who says that is either working for the government or is not paying attention.

The reality is that even companies that are doing well, are struggling for every sales dollar they can obtain.