Picture of Emanuel Cleaver and Jacob TurkLEE’S SUMMIT, AUGUST 5, 2014 – In 91 days voters will head to the polls again and have to answer the question, Cleaver or Turk to represent them in the 5th Congressional district. Some believe that Jacob Turk is Emanuel Cleaver’s best enemy; that is one that he can beat over and over again with ease.

Not so fast.

This is an off year election. Turnout is going to be low. Cleaver has not brought the money into the district as he did in the 2012 election year. Further, Cleaver’s Green Development Zone has proven he cannot bring sustainable jobs to the 5th District.

Let’s breakdown the County and the Party numbers:

The Democrat Ticket had a total of 53,591 votes while the Republican ticket had 36,586 votes.

Cleaver had 81% of his party’s votes (43,924) while Turk had 67% of his party’s vote (24,537).

Cleaver won Clay County, Kansas City, Ray and Saline in comparison to Turk.

Turk won Jackson County and Lafayette.

If you were able to take out the difference in Kansas City, Turk has 20,030 votes to Cleaver’s 19,925 votes. The stronghold for Cleaver is Kansas City.

If you look at the voters by county you see that Kansas City represents at least 42% of the votes, Jackson County 37% and the rest 21% with Clay and Lafayette Counties accounting for 15 of the 21%.

To win re-election Cleaver just has to do what he normally does – work the city, visit Clay and Lafayette counties and he’s done.

To win election Turk has a much more difficult job. He has to keep Jackson and Lafayette counties and try to expand his victory there. He also needs to take votes from Clay, Ray and Saline counties. However, that’s not enough.

The strategy for Turk has to include a severe effort into the NW corner of the 5th District – Kansas City itself. He must mount a strong campaign that demonstrates his leadership skills, his ability to bring jobs to the area, and his entrepreneurial mentality for grown jobs in the inner city.

There is an empowerment prevention wall that stands tall and strong as you enter the 5th Congressional District in Kansas City itself. Jacob Turk must find it in him to reach out to the community show them the way to empowered entrepreneurial job creation that will allow families in the community to thrive for the first time in more than twenty years.

The question will be asked in 91 days: Has your vote been earned by Cleaver or by Turk? Only you will be able to answer that question.

Respectfully submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative