In the 20th Century the United States of America was thrust by events throughout the world to become the liberator and its first call was World War I. Our young men took up the challenge, not for conquest but for liberation and defense. World War I ended with the armistice, the day we celebrate today, but the world was still in turmoil and for too many reasons to go into in this BLOG countries in Europe and Asia entered into war with each other.

On December 7th 1941, the day that has truly lived in infamy, the United States once again was thrust upon the global stage and took on the role of the liberator and it’s armed forces and it’s young men fought and died to liberate and not to conquer. In Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq the American soldiers have fought with the same focus and determination. They bring the “opportunity” for people to be free to define their own governments and their own path in this world. America’s armed forces do not fight to conquer.

This BLOG and our Family salutes and thanks every veteran who fought to provide freedom to others, to protect our freedom, and to ensure we are safe here at home. We have two of our children in the armed forces, one active and one reserve. We thank them for the sacrifice they are making, and we thank all the veterans who served and who are currently serving who will pass on the honor and duty of the United States Armed forces to the new generation.

God Bless each and every one of you and your families and THANK YOU for your sacrifice.

The Lee’s Summit Conservative.