A simple thing is the most powerful thought on this 9/11 the day that changed so many lives. I remember talking to my daughter, she was in college at the time and how scared she was that day. I know I tried to sound confident and reassuring like a father has to do. You are the rock of your family even though you may not be sharing the same home anymore. I still hear her voice in my head.

In the years since that day my daughter has married and joined the Army Reserves and fortunately she’s been spared the duty in Iraq or Afghanistan so far. My step son has joined the Army and is in Afghanistan right now. In the years since 9/11 America has changed and it remembers 9/11. Each of us in our own way, each of us quietly today will think of that fateful day, and pray for each of the lives lost. We will pray to those brave people who rushed to protect those who were in need. We will pray for those who fought bravely to defend the final attack and saved us from horrors unknown.

Today we’ll remember together. Tomorrow we go back to the new normal and we will all from time to time pray quietly for those we lost there, or those that gave up their lives for us then and since.

God Bless America, Truly the Land that I Love.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative