Lee’s Summit – On May 12, Rep. Will Kraus struck a resounding blow to protect our health care freedom by voting “yes” to give Missourians a choice to make health care decisions without purchase requirements from the federal government.  Originating in the House as HB 1764, the Senate Substitute has been truly agreed to and finally passed by the House of Representatives.  It allows Missourians to vote by referendum to amend Missouri’s Statutes to ensure the choice.

“I am 100 percent for this bill.  It is the right thing to do to allow our citizens, by their own vote, to give their opinion on federal mandates and government intrusion in our personal health care decisions,” said Rep. Will Kraus.  “The bill is Missouri’s response to the recent passage of federal health control, and I am very happy that we acted to let Missourians have a voice.”

If the measure passes by a vote of the people, it would simply and effectively deny the state government the authority to penalize a patient, employer, or health care provider for refusing to purchase private health insurance or participate in any recently passed federal health care system.  It would also deny the government the authority to infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful healthcare services.

“This language is needed in our state Statutes to protect our citizens from unconstitutional mandates to purchase certain goods or services,” said Rep. Kraus.  If passed, it would not prohibit citizens from participating in the recently passed federal health care programs if they so wished.

After passing the House by a vote of 108-47, the measure goes directly to the Secretary of State to be placed before the voters on the August 2010 ballot.  Missouri has now joined with 42 other states to take a stand against the federal government and its health care mandate.

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