Lee’s Summit –During the Special Session of the General Assembly, Representative Will Kraus has filed a resolution, HCR1, against the job-killing cap and trade legislation being discussed in Washington, D.C. A mandatory cap and trade emissions trading system would set a cap on greenhouse gas emissions, requiring companies that emit the gases to purchase or trade credits.  The added costs to utilities will lead to higher energy prices that will impact the automotive industry in Missouri. 

“These increases in energy costs will act as a regressive energy tax on Missouri’s valuable automotive industries,” said Rep. Kraus, “causing lost jobs in that and other industries dependent upon electricity.”

Missouri produces more than 80 percent of its electricity from the combustion of coal, and coal fired plants in Missouri will bear a great deal of the costs of cap and trade.

“The proposed cap and trade scheme will make Missouri less attractive to automotive industries and damage Missouri’s ability to attract and retain jobs in automotive manufacturing.”  Rep. Kraus continued, “Missouri must position itself as a state that welcomes economic development, and low energy costs are part of that package.”

“I hope that this resolution will be taken up and passed during the Special Session so that we can formally send our protest to Washington that we in Missouri cannot bear the cost and disruption of their reckless policies.”

Gov. Nixon has called the legislature to meet in a Special Session to deal with jobs in the automotive industry.

State Representative Will Kraus can be reached at 816  246  5023 or will.kraus@house.mo.gov.