Picture of Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO)LEE’S SUMMIT, NOVEMBER 2, 2016 – Senator Roy Blunt is in a very tight re-election race – the latest Monmouth University Poll shows him up only 1 point.  The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch poll shows Blunt also only up by one point.  This is a problem for Blunt when you see the head of the Republican ticket winning by at least 5 points on the Post-Dispatch and 11 points in the Monmouth university poll.

Senator Blunt, in my opinion, has greater difficulty capturing the fervor for change that Donald Trump’s supporters have.  The vote for Trump, is truly a vote for Change – real change this time.  A vote for Senator Blunt does not engender similar passion.

A look at Senator Blunts Voting Record shows nothing I can point to, to say I would not vote for him.  In fact, his support for the Keystone XL Pipeline (a bill he co-sponsored several times) tells me he supports energy independence, and I find myself in the same vein with Senator Blunt on that topic.

On the 2nd Amendment issue, his votes seem to make sense; but, so little has made it past Obama’s desk that it is hard to see in concrete action.  That, however, is not within his control, and the fact he voted against the Prohibition of the transfer of firearms to “suspected terrorists” (read, the government could put everyone in the “suspect” list and ban the 2nd Amendment) tells me he understands the subtleties of the proposed laws that pass his desk.

In the final analysis, I look positively at Senator Roy Blunt for the following reasons (I hope the logic is clear, and you decide if it makes sense or not).

  • Blunt’s voting record is more conservative than Republican. So, while a part of the establishment he votes to reduce the budget, and protect the constitutional rights.
  • He is a workhorse in the Senate. He Sponsors and co-sponsors bills that make sense (look through his voting record).
  • The attack ads run against him are simple minded, and come straight out of the Liberal playbook on how to attack a conservative. Pay increases in the Senate did not drive the debt from 10 trillion dollars to 20 trillion dollars in the last eight years, or from 3 trillion at the start of the Bush years, to the 10 trillion dollars that Obama started with.

If there is one bill he co-sponsored that I disagree vehemently on, and did at the time, it is the Economic Stimulus plan of 2008 (HR5140).  He, like the rest of Congress felt pressured to “DO SOMETHING” and sometimes doing nothing is better, has shorter negative impacts, and let the country right itself more quickly.

In life and in business I can make the following analogy and not be too far from the truth.  If you compare the world of business and government (since they are so entangled in today’s USA) to a football team, you can say that you need Quarterbacks, Running backs and Receivers, and you need the Linemen to open the gaps, hold off the defense and allow the plans to be executed.  I see Senator Roy Blunt as a strong leader in the Line.

We – the conservatives, fiscal conservatives, constitution abiding citizenry – need good blocking and tackling in the trenches of the Senate.  Roy Blunt, with the right President at the helm, can be an important member of the team.

Respectfully Submitted
The Lee’s Summit Conservative