Missouri No-Call adds Cell PhonesJEFFERSON CITY — Today (6-14), the governor signed legislation ushered through the Senate by Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit. House Bill 1549 passed the General Assembly as an effort to protect citizens’ privacy and eliminate unwanted cell phone communication.

“House Bill 1549 is an update to Missouri’s No-Call list,” said Sen. Kraus. “When the first No-Call list was created, the idea of including cell phones was almost ludicrous, as they were an advancing technology and their use was certainly not as rampant as today.”

Missouri’s No-Call list was created to keep citizens from receiving unsolicited phone calls from businesses or organizations. With the increase of cell phone usage came an increase of abuse of cell phone numbers by companies that had been cut off from attempting communications. House Bill 1549 adds cell phones to the No-Call list, effectively stifling unwanted calls and texts.

This bill seems simple, because the truth is that no one wants to be interrupted during family time for a call from someone offering things,” said Sen. Kraus. “This bill has been attempted in the General Assembly for years. However it has been previously tied to provisions that kept it from passing. This year, I fought to keep this bill clean and straightforward, enabling final passage of a piece of legislation that will benefit all Missourians.

The governor signed the bill today in two ceremonies, one in Kansas City and the other in St. Louis. The measure will take effect Aug. 28, allowing citizens to place their numbers on the list then.

For a full list of bills delivered to the governor by the General Assembly for his consideration, visit www.senate.mo.gov and click on the “Truly Agreed Bills” under the “Legislation” tab.

To add a phone number to the Missouri Attorney General’s “No-Call” List, visit www.ago.mo.gov/nocalllaw.