Picture of Speaker of the House BoehnerBALLWIN, MO AUGUST 13, 2012 – Less than one week after the Missouri Republican Primary, U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner showed his support for Ann Wagner’s campaign for Congress at a private event in St. Louis County.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Ann Wagner,” said Speaker Boehner. “She is someone who has committed so much to her community and the conservative cause. She will do a great job in Congress on your behalf.”

Buoyed by hundreds of grassroots volunteers and message targeted towards small businesses and families, Wagner won last Tuesday’s 4-way 2nd District GOP Primary with 66% of the vote.

“From day one of our campaign we have focused on getting Americans back to work by removing the crushing burdens of Obamacare, high taxes, and over regulation,” said Wagner.  “I know Speaker Boehner shares those priorities which is why he is out stumping for conservatives across the country.  His work and will help remake this country and get America working again.”

Picture of Ann Wagner “I am honored to have Speaker Boehner here in this region that has given so much to me and my family,” said Wagner.  “His visit highlights the importance of the St. Louis area in the upcoming General Election and his leadership will help us increase our majority in the United States House and, working together, we will help take back the US Senate and White House for Republicans as well.”

Boehner will attend more than 40 events over the next 35 days to help embattled incumbents and new candidates across the country as Republicans seek to grow the majority this November.

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